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Легализация документов Topperevod

Legalization of documents is the confirmation of their authenticity and giving them legal force for use abroad. Many states recognize simplified legalization – an apostille stamp. However, in some countries consular legalization is required. First, the validity of the documents is confirmed by the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, and then the certification is performed by the consul of the receiving state.

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Who needs legalization of documents

Any citizen leaving the country for various reasons:

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    change of place of residence;



    marriage registration,

    receiving an inheritance;

    buying a property;

    making other legal transactions;

collects a package of documents necessary for this. All papers require correct execution, their translation into the language of the country of destination and legalization of their use on the territory of this country. To obtain legal status, documents must go through a long procedure.

Professional assistance in the legalization of documents in Kharkov

Topperevod translation agency provides legalization services. Our employees will visit the necessary authorities, perform the translation, certify the papers and notarize the translation. The price for legalization in our bureau depends on the country for which it is intended, on the language of translation.

We take care of all the responsibilities for this procedure, and you receive documents that already have a legal status for use in the country where you are going.

Prices for legalization of documents

The price for affixing the stamp “Apostille” from 250 UAH. Consular legalization from 350 UAH.

Do I need to translate documents for a visa?

Visa Application Centers ask for documents confirming your identity, financial stability, or documents indicating your education with translation into any language. They also ask for confirmation of the transfer.