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Written translations are a responsible task for every translator. They require not only a thorough knowledge of the language and the ability to literally translate the source material. Here it is important to simultaneously make the translation of texts understandable for native speakers, use the terms correctly according to the subject, and also preserve the style and culture of speech.

Written translation Specialists of Topperevod translation agency, Kharkiv, are ready to quickly and efficiently translate texts of any direction, using 70 languages ​​in their arsenal. You can order written translations of any volume and complexity from us.

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What kind of written translations do we provide?

Depending on the content of the source text material, there are:

  • Заказать письменный перевод в Харькове TopperevodLiterary translation. Translation of fiction, journalism, popular science articles involves the transfer of not only the content, but also the emotional component of the texts. When performing a literary translation into/from foreign languages, the creative approach of a specialist to work and the preservation of the general mood of the work are extremely important.
  •   Technical translation .Material related to engineering sciences (technical documentation, product descriptions, drawings, diagrams, instructions) are loaded with complex terminology. The translation must be not only correct in terms of the target language, but also technically competent. Our team includes translators with engineering education and experience in various industries who are able to perform such a translation with high quality.
  •   Legal translation . A legal document is distinguished by clarity and brevity of wording. Written translation must accurately reflect the original text, taking into account the laws and legal features of the state where the document will be used. We entrust the translation of such documentation to professional lawyers who not only understand the intricacies of jurisprudence theoretically, but also have practical experience.

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  •   Economic translation . Working on the translation of economic texts and financial documents (bank reports, loan agreements, declarations…) requires the translator to have serious knowledge of professional vocabulary and international standards for the preparation of such documents. Among our employees there are specialists who are competent in the financial and economic sphere, who can order written translation of any complexity.
  •   Written translations of business documentation. Our professional translators will translate any business-oriented documents — contracts, agreements, business plans, advertising texts, analytical data, as well as provide services for business correspondence, filling Internet resources … High-quality translation, correctly designed papers allow our clients to maintain a high level of mutual understanding with foreign partners, contributing to the expansion of business.
  •   Other thematic translations in various fields of activity. We performed written translations for various organizations and companies in Kharkov, Kiev, other cities of Ukraine, Kazakhstan. We have experience working with medical institutions, transport companies, energy and chemical industries…

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Why you should order a written translation from Topperevod

заказать перевод в компании Topperevod

  •   Over 7 years of experience in the translation market.
  •   High quality of translations due to the performance of highly specialized translations by professional translators exclusively in their field.
  •   Before being issued to the customer, the completed translation is subject to mandatory proofreading and proofreading by the editor.
  •   The price for translation depends only on the volume of the text, without taking into account its complexity.
  •   Urgent translation into/from English, Russian and about 70 other languages ​​is possible.
  •   Individual approach to each client. Support of all client projects by a personal manager.
  •   Written translations can be certified by a notary public or with a company seal of a translation agency.

Topperevod is one of the few agencies in Ukraine that provides professional translation from English, German, and French, which are considered to be among the most popular in the world. Prices for written translation can be found on our website using the online form. Fill out the form, and we will immediately send detailed information about the cost and deadlines.

What are the types of written translation?

Literary translation of books

Translation of marketing materials

Correspondence translation

Translation of magazines

Automotive translation

Translation of agricultural texts

Translation of scientific articles

Literary translation in Kharkov

Medical translation in Kharkov

Comics translation

CV translation in Kharkov