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Order a translation

For successful employment there are a number of mandatory procedures. One of the most important is the translation of documents.

In fact, translating documents for work abroad is a common and affordable service in our professional translation agency.

In addition, documents for work must be notarized or sealed by the bureau. An Apostille stamp is often required.

You can easily order translation of documents for work abroad from our translation agency at affordable prices.

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What documents need to be translated to work abroad

It should be noted that such documents often require translation with notarization:

  • certificates of no criminal record and from all places of work;
  • sponsorship agreements;
  • medical documentation;
  • passport and driver’s license;
  • educational documents;
  • employment records;
  • bank statements.

Moreover, in order to give a document legal force, it is necessary to make a notarization. Thus, it will be possible to officially confirm the authenticity of the translation.

Of course, there are features of translation services to the employment office.

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First, there must be a full correspondence of the translation. That is, the translation of documents for work abroad must be identical to the original document both in content and design.

Secondly, the employment of a translator in Kharkiv must be performed by a certified translator, who then leaves his personal signature and full name.

Our translation agency staff will be able to quickly and accurately translate all the necessary documents for work abroad with their subsequent notarization, so you can order the translation of such documents as soon as possible.


Please note that the translation of the passport into Ukrainian abroad is a standard document, but the cost of translation is calculated individually and the amount may vary depending on the exact number of characters in the text.

For a preliminary evaluation of the order, we recommend sending scanned copies of documents to the specified postal address.

In the reply letter you will receive information about the approximate cost of translation and deadlines.

In this case, you can contact our employment office abroad.

Order translation

The staff of the bureau translates and notarizes documents of any complexity and always provides favorable prices, so you can safely order a translation from us.

Topperevod agency services

After contacting our translation agency, you will not have to worry about anything, because the staff:

  • will acquaint you with the existing nuances of the procedure;
  • prepare the necessary translations;
  • perform notarization of documents, including translations of documents for work;
  • correctly draw up a certificate and a complete package of documents;
  • will track the whole process for you;
  • are responsible for returning the original documents and their correct execution.

By contacting our professional translation agency, you will be absolutely sure that the translation of documents for work abroad will be carried out in accordance with all requirements and standards at an affordable price.