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Перевод законов TopperevodTranslation of laws is a responsible component of translation activities in the field of legal issues. Executors of orders for translations of legal documents and the legal framework of different countries are subject to high requirements. To translate a legal text of this direction, the translator needs to know thoroughly the language features and legal system of the country or region. After all, the consequences of insufficient qualifications of the performer can be very serious.

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Important aspects of legal translation

There are points that should always be kept in mind when translating from the field of law. The legal systems of different countries can be radically different, due to the mentality, religious norms. When translating the texts of laws, this must be taken into account, as well as national and regional features. For example, translations of Russian law are not too difficult for our specialists given the similarity of legal systems. But the translation of the law into English and reverse translation will differ depending on the country for which it is intended – Britain, the United States and others.

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переводы законов в бюро переводовIn their work, translators face many legal intricacies. When it comes to interstate relations, such nuances are especially important. For example, a translator working on translations of EU regulations should understand that the provisions of these laws prevail over the national legislation of the member states. When performing legal translation, the professionalism of the translator, his competence and deep knowledge of jurisprudence are very important.

Quality translations of laws and legal texts at Topperevod

Only experienced translators should be able to translate laws into English, German and other languages. Topperevod has legal professionals with legal education who have extensive translation experience in the legal field. We have specialists who are able to translate regulations in 70 languages. You can order services in offices in Kharkiv, Kyiv or on the website, which is especially convenient for residents of other cities of Ukraine.

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Our legal translators will assist you in drafting and translating articles of law that may be required when drafting lawsuits, powers of attorney, wills, contracts, international treaties and constituent documents.

The cost of translation will depend on the language pair, the volume and urgency of the order. Quality of execution of your orders and responsibility are obligatory conditions of our cooperation!