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Order a translation

Resumes play an important role in job search. It allows the employer to get acquainted in absentia with the candidate for the position. To translate into an international or foreign company requires a translation of the resume into English (or the language of the country directly). It is better to order a translation from a translation agency, because a competent professional translation of a resume gives you a better chance of getting the desired job.

Properly translated resume is a great helper in finding a decent job abroad.

Translating a resume is no less important than compiling it. Translating resumes from Russian to English is not easy. This is a responsible matter, because this document is a powerful impetus to start a successful career. Therefore, it is not the best solution to translate a resume into English online using online services. If the first impression of you is not the best, you may not get a second chance in this company.

Qualitative adaptation of the resume to a foreign language will help to present it to a foreign employer at a high level. That is why translations of resumes should be ordered from professionals.

Features of resume translation and prices

The translation, like the summary itself, must be precise and clear. The purpose of translating the resume is to summarize the personal and professional characteristics of the candidate, so that the choice of employer is based on this candidate. Translation with errors, incorrect data, inaccuracies in the name of the educational institution, positions can nullify any worthy characteristics. When ordering a translation of a resume, be sure to specify the country for which it is intended. Yes, a professional translation of a resume in English for an American employer will be different from a resume for a company operating in the UK or another English-speaking country. This is due to national peculiarities, such as writing dates, appeals, the use of abbreviations and acronyms. It is important to correctly translate the names of educational institutions, companies, enterprises, positions and to draw up the document correctly.

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Professional help in translating resumes

Topperevod translation agency has been providing translation services for over 7 years. Our specialists, who have excellent knowledge of languages and experience in translation work, will unmistakably translate resumes from Russian (Ukrainian) into English.

They can also perform:

  • translation of resume into German ;
  • translation of resume into French ;
  • translation of the resume into Polish ;
  • translation of the resume into Czech ;
  • translation of the resume into Turkish ;
  • translation of resume into Chinese ;
  • translation into other European and world languages

In addition to translating the resume, we can translate the letter of recommendation and cover letter. Literal translation is not our option. We adapt the document in a foreign language, adhering to international standards, using the means of this language and the correct terminology, which depends on the scope of your business.

How to order translation of resumes in Kyiv, Kharkiv and other cities

You can translate your resume from Russian into English or any other necessary language by contacting our offices in Kyiv and Kharkiv, or by applying on the website. By clicking the “Order translation” button on the site page, you will open the online order form. Here you need to specify your data, e-mail address and contact phone number, attach a file with the document to be translated, and then in the field “Comments” specify your wishes, features of writing personal data and more.

You can also order a translation by sending an application to our e-mail. After receiving the message, the manager will contact you to discuss the project. Only after reading the material and clarifying all the details, he will be able to determine the cost of translating your resume.

Order translation

Cost of translation agency services and order fulfillment deadlines

Given the small amount of resume, you can get a ready translation the next day. If you order a native speaker test, it may take one or two business days to translate your resume. You can order an urgent translation from us, which we will perform in the time required for you.

The standard price for our services is indicated in the price list. The cost of translation does not depend on the complexity, but is determined by the volume and choice of target language. The price may increase if you order a translation into a native language or you need to notarize the translation.

The cost of urgent translation is estimated at one and a half rates. You discuss all the nuances of the project with the manager. After clarifying all the requirements, the manager calls the cost of work and this amount is final.

The high qualification of our translators, knowledge and professional experience will help to present information about you in the best way. Our office distinguishes quality translation and affordable prices for services. Contact us for help and we will accurately translate your resume into any foreign language from the 70 we work with.