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The development of a communicative network in the field of culture and business circles contributes to the rapid spread of a huge amount of literature in the world. Translation of books, articles of various directions allows everyone to get acquainted with them. In the world, information is transmitted at lightning speed. Therefore, it is important to find specialists who will help you to always be in the information field, translating foreign literature.

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Features of literary translation

Any language is a complex system, where there are many nuances that should be considered when translating literary texts.

The translator must not just follow the text verbatim, but be able to adapt the content of the book, article in another language, taking into account the culture and mentality of the people.

Литературный перевод TopperevodIn addition, each area of activity has its own characteristics, which is also reflected in the approach to translation work. The translation of scientific literature will be different from the translation of fiction. The exact sciences occupy a more advantageous position: Pythagoras’ theorem will not change the meaning of English, Spanish or Chinese. But the content of scientific works of philosophers or poetic works can not be recognized.

The translation of fiction is similar to art and should be trusted by a person who, in addition to linguistic knowledge, has the talent of a writer. A special place is occupied by classical literature, the translation of which is a very important occupation.

The author’s idea, the mood of the book or article, the worldview, style and features of the author’s language should not escape the reader – all that is important when reading foreign literature. The reader perceives the translated text as author’s, so the translator has no right to reflect his own thoughts and emotions.

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Topperevod Agency is always ready to provide its literary translation services Kharkiv

Professionals of the Topperevod translation agency (Kyiv, Kharkiv) will help to cope with all the difficulties of presenting literary texts in the native language in any other language or vice versa. Highly qualified specialists of the agency are successfully engaged in translations of foreign literature in 70 languages. Using knowledge of artistic style and subtleties of phraseological inflections of target languages, our linguists cope with any features of literary translation that are needed in the shortest possible time. Before starting work, each of them spends a lot of time thinking about the original. Then there are professional writing skills: good composition, imagination, life experience, the art of interpretation. Correction of the finished text is done by a professional proofreader. Therefore, the quality of our translations of foreign literature is always at the highest level.

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