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Marketing materials are advertising products aimed at business development. Professional translation of marketing texts is required to expand the target audience to other countries, to promote a product or service abroad.

The main purpose of translation

The task of marketing translation of the text is a profitable presentation of the product in a new market to a foreign audience. And in this work, the accurate transfer of information is not important. The translated text should be not only understandable, but also interesting to potential customers. Therefore, the translation of advertising texts comes to the fore stylistics, taking into account ethnic, cultural, social characteristics of the perception of information by the target group.

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Features of correct translation of advertising texts

Professional translation of advertising and other marketing materials in a foreign language is to competently convey the original text from the point of view of linguistics. First of all, such work is creative. But at the same time, the specialist who deals with advertising texts and its translation must present the product profitably in order to interest the client as much as possible. And for this he needs:

  • know the features of the target market;
  • understand the mechanism (technology) of sales;
  • have an idea of the psychology of buyers for whom the product is intended.

Proper marketing translation combines the ease of literary translation and accurate semantic load of technical translation. On the one hand – the brightness and expressiveness of the text, on the other – a winning idea of the competitive advantages of the product.

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The difficulty of translating advertising texts into any language is that the translated material should not only be understandable, but also cause a positive response from a potential buyer of goods (services). Therefore, the translator should pay attention not so much to the accuracy of information transfer (as in technical translations) or to the author’s style (as in literary translations), as to think about the end reader. At the same time, it is necessary to take into account the cultural, historical, and sometimes even geographical features of the region. Therefore, a translator has to be not only a linguist, but also an analyst, marketer, psychologist.

A native speaker’s translator can provide the best communicative function. He will be able to find the right words for the right message and give the right emotional color to the advertising text he is translating.

The advantage of a translation agency

Translating ad text for a translation agency is not a difficult task. The agency employs many professionals who can not just translate, but perform creative adaptation of advertising and other advertising materials in the target language. Topperevod’s translators will skillfully translate:


  • PR texts;
  • press releases;
  • analytical materials and results of marketing research;
  • advertising brochures and other literature;
  • product catalogs;
  • information on websites.

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All translated materials undergo mandatory proofreading, which eliminates the slightest errors. We understand how important it is to convey all the ideas of the source text competently and to provoke the same reaction from the buyer as advertising in the original language. Therefore, we suggest using the service of translation or proofreading of translated marketing materials by a native speaker.

Professional translation of advertising materials in our translation agency will ensure profitable positioning of your products and services in the new market.