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Перевод на Китайский Перевод на Французский Перевод на Немецкий Перевод на Итальянский Перевод на Испанский Перевод на Турецкий Перевод на Украинский Перевод на Английский Перевод на Американский

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Chinese is the official language not only in China, but also in Singapore and Taiwan, and has official UN status. In addition, it has spread to ten more countries – Chinese is spoken by more than a billion people.

China’s fast-growing economy is attracting the attention of business people from different countries. Cooperation with Chinese business structures involves establishing communicative ties. In this regard, written translations into and from Chinese are a popular service in translation companies. And for tourists who want to visit China, it is important to properly translate Chinese documents.

Difficulties in translating into Chinese

Written Chinese is fundamentally different from Cyrillic or Latin and is completely incomprehensible to most Europeans, Americans, Africans and other continents. Even for experienced translators, Chinese is complex and, above all, the presence of two systems of hieroglyphs – traditional and simplified. Therefore, when translating from Russian to Chinese or from Chinese to Russian, Ukrainian and other languages, it is necessary to turn to qualified specialists. Only a certified translator with extensive experience can adequately translate Chinese texts with an accurate presentation of the content.

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What Chinese translation services are offered by the translation agency

Topperevod Professional Translation Agency offers its clients qualified translation from Russian into Chinese and reverse translation of legal papers (agreements, contracts, business plans, personal documents), technical texts (articles, descriptions, instructions…), financial documents and many other narrow texts . Our agency employs certified Chinese translators who are ready to perform high-quality translation from Russian into Chinese at adequate prices. Many years of experience in translating from Chinese or Chinese allows our specialists to fulfill orders quickly and accurately. The final proofreading is performed by the editor and proofreader, ensuring the high quality of the translation work.

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Guarantees of the Topperevod translation agency

Our agency adheres to all the terms of the contract, performs its work exactly on time. The company has specialists competent in various fields of knowledge – legal, economic, medical, technical. They can be entrusted with translations into and from Chinese of various subjects and levels of difficulty. Our managers are always in touch and ready at any time to provide information on the degree of readiness of the project.

We also guarantee our customers complete confidentiality of all information received. The cost of our Chinese / Chinese translation services is stable and depends only on the volume of text and urgency.

You can contact the Topperevod translation agency in person or by using the site’s services. You can provide materials that require translation into Chinese (from Chinese), in paper or electronic form.

We value reputation, so all projects are carried out at a high professional level.