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It is necessary to notarize the translation in order to provide official institutions with a document prepared in another country. For example, in order for the translation of a Ukrainian passport or diploma to be used abroad, you need to certify it with a notary.

The seal and signature of a lawyer on a translated and duly executed document give it legal force. A notarized translation will also be required for a foreign document if it is to be presented in our country.

Who is entitled to perform notarized translation of documents in Kharkov

In order for a notary to certify a translated document, a notarized translation must be performed by a certified translator. The specialist must have a higher education in the field of translation, and the language of translation must be indicated in the diploma. The notary does not check the correctness of the translation, but confirms the signature of the specialist who performed it, but before that checks that he has the appropriate diploma (certificate). After the notary affixes his signature and seal, the translated document receives the same force as the original.

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Translation of what papers can be certified by a notary Ukraine

Нотариально заверенный перевод в Харькове TopperevodA notarized translation (certification) will definitely come in handy for those who decide to change citizenship, plan to travel abroad to continue their studies, get married, get a job, and sometimes for recreation. If you have foreign business partners, then it may be necessary to make a notarized translation of legal and financial papers.

Written translation does not always require legal certification. Often you can get by with the signature of the translator and the seal of the translation agency. For state institutions in Ukraine and abroad, notarization of written translations may be required:

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  •   personal documents of citizens – passports, certificates, birth certificates, marriage certificates, work books, as well as certificates issued by various authorities;
  •   documentation related to professional activities – constituent, financial documents, certificates, licenses, powers of attorney, contracts …

A notary can certify not only translated papers, but also, if necessary, copies from original documents.

Stages of notarized translation Kharkiv

Notarized translation is carried out in a certain order, all actions are performed according to the following scheme:

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  •   A qualified translator translates into the required language the text from all pages of the document, including information reflected on seals and stamps. When adapting proper names into a foreign language, he primarily relies on data agreed with the customer, or uses generally accepted norms of transliteration transcription.
  •   The finished translation is checked for errors and typos. Checks for correct formatting.
  •   On the finished document, in the presence of a notary, the translator puts his signature, confirming the correctness of the translation.
  •   The translated document is submitted to the notary, who must confirm that it was made by a certified specialist and check the execution for compliance with legal standards.
  •   After checking the qualifications of the employee who performed the translation, which is confirmed by a diploma, a notary officer certifies the translator’s signature. During the certification procedure, a notarized translation is bound together with the provided document, the number of bound sheets must be indicated. The notary affixes his signature and confirms it with a personal seal.
  •   Only after that the document registered in the register can be issued to the customer.

Thus, the finished notarized translation must have an inscription on the last page reflecting the data of the translator and the target languages, as well as confirming the notary’s information that the identity and qualifications of the translator have been verified.

It should be remembered that if there are errors and corrections in the original document, the notary does not have the right to certify its translation.

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What papers are not subject to notarization

According to the current legislation, translations are not allowed for notarization; copies of the following papers are not certified:

  •   handwritten texts;
  •   printouts of articles, instructions, personal correspondence;
  •   original documents that are damaged or hard to read.

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Benefits of contacting Topperevod for


Topperevod translation agency has been successfully providing translation services for more than 7 years. Our translators have diplomas of higher linguistic education and vast experience in this field. Their professionalism allows us to provide clients with a full range of translation services. By contacting us, you will be able to make a translation with notarization of standard documents, certificates from official authorities, legal and financial papers in a short time.

All translated documents undergo editorial and proofreading checks, so you can be sure of the quality of the work performed. We guarantee compliance with the deadlines even in the case of an urgent translation, as well as the affordable cost of our services. Agency employees are ready to perform translation with notarization into English, German, French, Polish, other European and world languages ​​or translation from these languages ​​into Ukrainian (Russian). We have 70 languages ​​of the world in our arsenal, among which are not only popular, but also rare languages.

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You can get acquainted with the prices of our services on the website of the agency. If you have any questions, you can ask our manager, who can be contacted by phone or through the electronic contact form. He will provide detailed advice, explain all the nuances of a notarized translation. You can order a translation by personally contacting the agency or by filling out the online form on the website. All your wishes and clarifications will be taken into account. You will receive an accurately completed and well-formed translated document, certified in accordance with the requirements of the law.

Thanks to our work, you will not have problems in a foreign country related to incorrect paperwork. We guarantee excellent results. You will be satisfied with our work.

What documents are subject to notarized translation?

  1. Statutory documents (charters, constituent agreements, decisions, minutes of meetings, extracts from USROPU, certificates from statistical authorities, tax authorities, etc.);
  2. Testimonies;
  3. Certificates;
  4. Licenses;
  5. powers of attorney;
  6. Financial reports;
  7. balances;
  8. International treaties, contracts, etc.

How much does a notarized translation cost?

The cost of a notarized translation starts from 60 UAH. The price of such a service depends on the number of characters, language, complexity.

How much does the translation of notarial documents cost?

The minimum cost of translation of a certificate is 250 UAH.

What is notarized?

Certified translation – translation certified by a notary public