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The tourism industry occupies a significant niche in global business and, in fact, covers the whole world. Tourism provides incredible opportunities for the development of almost any business. By offering your service and products to an audience from different countries, you create advertising and increase the potential for growth in the success of your business. Translation of information about the services and products you provide allows you to familiarize more potential customers with it.

Translation of tourist information

Перевод туристических текстов TopperevodPeople love to travel, discovering new places and sensations, visiting distant countries and cities. They study a lot of tourist information – websites, brochures, booklets, etc.

Travelers need translation of tourist texts that are informative, warning and cautionary in nature. Various tourism sectors need to adapt information about the services provided, resources and recreation conditions into different languages.

Due to the great competition in the tourism business, companies are required to PR, use tricks to attract new customers.

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The primary task is to familiarize the tourist with all the information in any accessible and understandable way. This requires the translation of tourist brochures and booklets, which will contain information about excursions, bars, restaurants, hotels, boarding houses and conditions for the provision of a complex of tourist services. The traveler can independently get acquainted with the sights using local navigation, or order the services of a travel company. Consequently, the translation of tourist navigation and guidebooks is also very popular and is relevant in the field of tourist translations.

Types of translation of tourist texts

перевода туристических текстов - цены на TopperevodGoing to a particular restaurant, visiting a coffee shop, a pizzeria or a bakery is not just a desire, but a vital necessity for every tourist. Therefore, information from the menu of your establishment translated into several of the most popular foreign languages ​​will be most welcome. In this way, restaurant customers can not only eat delicious food, but also get acquainted with new dishes, study the ingredients and make a confident choice. Menu translation is a narrow-profile translation that requires the translator to have knowledge of language features and a huge culinary vocabulary.

For the opportunity to get acquainted with the sights of cities, museums, etc. very often tourists resort to the services of guides. But, unfortunately, not every guide knows foreign languages ​​​​perfectly and sometimes you have to resort to the services of translators.

Attracting a large number of customers to your shops, cafes, restaurants is the dream of any entrepreneur. And advertising helps them in this, and the translation of advertising information can increase the flow of buyers from among tourists.

Translation services for travel texts from Topperevod

Topperevod translation agency (Kyiv, Kharkiv) will help you make a tourist translation into English, German, French, Polish and many other languages. Our specialists are ready to fulfill a variety of orders:

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  •   translation of tourist guides and guidebooks for museums;
  •   translation of advertisements for cities and tourist areas;
  •   translation of brochures of hotels, boarding houses, hotels;
  •   translation of websites, travel portals;
  •   menu translations for restaurants;
  •   translation of articles about tourism in magazines and newspapers;
  •   translation of advertisements of tourism promotion agencies;
  •   translation of contracts for companies in the tourism sector;
  •   translation of documents of transport companies.

Traveling makes life happier and more interesting. And our translations will help convey interesting and useful information to tourists.