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The charter is one of the main constituent documents of any company. A translation of the charter is required, for example, to obtain a business permit in another country or to open a branch in a country other than the place of registration. Constituent papers contain a lot of individual information about the company (name, location) and its activities. When translating, special attention should be paid to details, such as the correct spelling of addresses, names, the uniformity of their mentions in the text…

Translation of the charter is a task for professionals

Перевод уставов TopperevodThe translated text of the charter must fully comply with the content of the original and be designed in accordance with the requirements of official business style. The charter refers to legal documents, so the translator must understand the legislation of Ukraine and the state into which the translation is made. The presence of a specialist not only linguistic, but also specialized legal education ensures a confident mastery of terminology and adherence to stylistic, linguistic features. After all, even the translation of the statute into English for each English-speaking country has its nuances. Thus, in the countries of one language group can be used different from other countries:

  • specific terminology;
  • unique designations, abbreviations, specific spellings of proper names, details;
  • standards of registration of legal papers.

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Professional translation of the statute can be performed only by a high-level specialist with practical experience. Deep knowledge in the field of linguistics and law will help to avoid inaccuracies and errors in the translated document.

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At the Topperevod translation agency, your order will be entrusted to certified specialists. Therefore, you can be sure that the translation of the statute into Russian / Ukrainian or a foreign language (English, European, Eastern) will be performed at a high professional level. Our legal translators have experience in such activities. Glossaries specially created for companies of various forms of ownership are used to speed up the translation process. In addition, the peculiarities of the legislation and norms of registration of documents adopted both in our country and in the state of another language by language pair must be taken into account. At the end of the translation process, the quality of the translated text and its compliance with the original must be checked.

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You can order a translation of statutory documents at Topperevod’s offices in Kharkiv, Kyiv or on the website. The cost of the service depends on many factors: the language of translation, the volume of the order, the need for notarization, the availability of additional requirements on your part. Prices based on the language of translation are listed in the price list. However, it should be borne in mind that urgent translation will cost more and the certification of the document is paid by a notary separately.

Our 7-year experience in the translation services market and a responsible attitude on the part of each team member allows us to carry out any projects of consistently high quality.