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International companies in their activities periodically face the need to translate reports. Such documents are necessary to provide to foreign investors, shareholders, partners. The translation of any financial documentation, including statements, must convey the information contained in the original as accurately as possible.

Difficulties in translating reports

Translating a report into English, like any other language, is primarily related to language nuances. But no less important for an adequate translation and knowledge of the financial and legal spheres. After all, the specialized terminology used in a financial document in everyday life can have a completely different meaning.

The annual report contains a huge amount of information about the economic and economic condition of a company or enterprise. It includes:

  •   company balance sheet;
  •   profit and loss statement;
  •   cash flow information;
  •   audit report.

All of these documents contain a lot of digital information that should never be confused. Therefore, the translation of the annual report into a foreign language requires the translator not only to be highly qualified and experienced, but also to have an attentive, responsible attitude to work. In addition, you need to know the peculiarities of writing numerical data in different countries (decimal numbers, fractions) and use them correctly in the translated text.

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Advantages of translation in a specialized agency

At Topperevod you can order a translation of a financial report not only in Kharkiv and Kiev, but also from any other city in Ukraine. To do this, you can use the application form on our website.

Here you can also get acquainted with the cost of the services provided – all prices are indicated in the price list.

Financial translation works are performed by specialists who

  •   have an economic education and have the necessary knowledge of the specific vocabulary of both languages ​​from the language pair;
  •   familiar with the requirements for reporting and audit documentation;
  •   have skills in working with digital data, tables;
  •   know the rules of formal business style.

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The finished text is drawn up in compliance with the structure of the source material and is necessarily checked by the editor. We are responsible for the accuracy of the translation and the issuance of the translated document within the agreed time, we are ready to perform an urgent translation.


The advantages of applying to a translation agency are: individual approach to the client, attentive attitude to the requirements of the project, professionalism and responsibility of translators, guarantee of non-disclosure of confidential information.