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It should start with the fact that WES is an organization through which prospective students and immigrants have the opportunity to confirm their documents in the United States and Canada.

English translation of diplomas for WES USA, Canada is a certified translation of documents that a person has obtained a higher education, which contains a certified seal of the translation agency and is used to submit relevant documents for evaluation.

In turn, the evolution of Ukrainian diplomas involves a complete translation of the Ukrainian diploma into English (taking into account the tab with a list of passed subjects and grades for them).

Thanks to this procedure, American or Canadian teachers from WES will be able to fully evaluate you.

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How to translate diplomas for WES USA, Canada in English

Before you decide to submit the documentation, it is necessary to make a professional translation of diplomas, certificates, legalization and apostille in case such requirements are made by the host party.

WES has specified the required package of papers that everyone needs to carry out this process:

  • availability of the original document on the formation of the state standard (university diploma, college).

It is worth mentioning that the organization does not allow documents on courses, certificates of advanced training, etc.

  • The apostille is attached to the diploma.
  • An application with all the grades for the required subjects.
  • Literal translation of the document on education in English.

The translation of the diploma into English for WES must be performed by a professional translator from the translation agency, as stated on the official website.

Employees face these types of work on a daily basis, so they know exactly how to do this type of certification in the United States and Canada.

First you will need to provide scanned copies of diplomas or high-quality photos to the post office.

After that, a number of actions are performed:

  • WES cost of work is calculated;
  • deadlines are clearly defined;
  • additional conditions that may arise for the client or translation agency are agreed upon.

When the translation of diplomas abroad is completed, you will need to send it for approval, so that you can review the document and make adjustments to the form to be filled out for WES. Then the translations are certified and you get the job done.

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How much does it cost to translate a diploma for WES Canada or the United States

It should be understood that the translation of diplomas, certificates or any other documents of higher education for WES USA vs WES CANADA is calculated with reference to the actual number of characters.

As you already know, diplomas and their appendices must be apostilized when applying to WES.

This moment affects the cost of translation and certification.

Thus, the diploma and its appendix must be certified separately, and the cost of translation is calculated jointly, including all the nuances.

To get acquainted in detail with all the prices, you need to consult with specialists from your chosen office.

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Certificate of translation of diplomas for WES

It is noteworthy that the certificates can be of several types:

  • Notarial – legalization of the translation by a notary on the last page of the translation, which is bound in a copy of the main document.

Thus, you have the opportunity to obtain a notarized translation in Toronto.

  • With the seal of the bureau, the certified translation is bound to a copy, after which the translator and the head of the company certify it with their signatures.

There are situations when the notarial signature must be additionally translated into a foreign language.

In this case, you need to read in detail all the requirements of the WES organization for your country.

Thanks to the fact that professional translators know all the intricacies and take into account the mandatory requirements of the reverse side, you are guaranteed to get a quality result in the shortest possible time.

Employees of the bureau translate documents of any complexity and provide favorable prices.

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How to order a translation

You should emphasize that the organization is not responsible for documents that do not have a registration number.

Therefore, first of all, before sending the documents, you should register on the official website and then fill out the application and obtain a WES reference number.

You must indicate your WES registration number on all envelopes.

There are several ways you can order English translations of diplomas for WES:

  1. Sending documents by mail.

You will be given an approximate calculation of the cost of translation and a possible deadline.

In addition, the staff of the office will answer all questions that may concern you. The file format does not matter.

  1. Sending documents using the site.

As in the previous version, you will receive an answer as to the timing of the translation as soon as possible.

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When employees complete their work, you will be sent an electronic version of the translation by mail, and to receive a certified (paper version) you can order delivery of documents to the appropriate address.

When you contact the translation agency, you will not have to worry about anything, because the staff:

  • will acquaint you with the existing nuances of the procedure;
  • prepare all necessary translations;
  • perform consular legalization of your documents and, in particular, educational documents;
  • perform the legalization of the diploma, ie affix the stamp “Apostille”;
  • correctly draw up a package of documents;
  • will track the whole process for you;
  • take responsibility for the return of your original documents and their correct execution.

By contacting a professional translation agency, you can be absolutely sure that the translation of diplomas for WES USA CANADA will be carried out in accordance with all requirements and regulations.