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It is important to mention that the translation and certification of documents for a bank is a time-consuming and responsible job, which should be carried out exclusively by professional translators who specialize in this subject.

Our translation agency translates all necessary banking documents at the most affordable price and in the shortest possible time.

Translations of bank documents, as a rule, have their own specifics.

They contain various:

  •   abbreviations;
  •   symbols;
  •   tables;
  •   terms.

Moreover, translations and certification of bank statements require an excellent knowledge of bank records management from the translator.

Another feature of documents of this type is that they reflect the financial position of an individual or legal entity, various monetary transactions, and so on.

Our translation agency ensures complete confidentiality of data for translations and their non-disclosure, so you can be absolutely sure of the professionalism of our employees.

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What bank documents can be translated

Most often, clients contact us to translate the following documents:

  •   statistical banking papers;
  •   banking agreements, notices, contracts;
  •   information for obtaining a visa;
  •   business plan for a bank;
  •   bank bills, checks, letters of credit;
  •   valuable exchange documents;
  •   account statements.

At the same time, the authenticity of bank transfers is certified by the seal of the agency and the signature of the translator.

On average, our employees translate bank documents in a few working days.

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How to order translation of bank documents

You have several ways how you can order such a procedure: 1. Sending bank documents by mail.

You will be provided with an approximate calculation of the cost of the translation and set possible deadlines.

In addition, the bureau staff will answer all questions that may bother you. The format for sending files does not matter.

  1. Sending bank documents using the site.

Just like in the previous option, you will receive an answer regarding the timing of bank transfers as soon as possible.

When the employees complete their work, an electronic version of the translation will be sent to you by mail, and in order to receive a certified (paper version), you can order the delivery of documents to the address that suits you.

Order a translation

The cost of transferring documents from the bank

The cost of translating bank documents into English is calculated based on the actual number of characters in the document.

In order to find out the approximate cost of the work, you can send us scanned copies of the original documents with all the conditions and requirements that must be followed.

It is worth noting that our translators perform written translation and certification of documents on popular topics:

  •   banking;
  •   financial;
  •   economic.

At the same time, all the rules of confidentiality and registration are observed. In our translation agency, the finished work undergoes multi-level verification and editing not only by linguists, but also by lawyers.