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Passport – an identity document that allows a citizen to fully exercise their rights. If you are planning to go abroad, take legal action or apply for papers in another country, you must complete the translation of the passport. At the same time, the quality of the translation should not cause any doubts in the official services. That is why for the correct translation of documents and passports, including the need to contact a professional translation agency.

Who needs a passport translation and when?

Перевод паспортов в Харькове  TopperevodRelocation of citizens of Ukraine to permanent residence, registration for work, study in another country involve the preparation of a package of documents, among which it is necessary to have a notarized translation of the passport. When traveling abroad for the implementation of agreements, inheritance, marriage, you will also need a translation of this document. An official translation of an internal passport may be required even in Ukraine. Thus, as part of the reform of higher education, Ukrainian universities that issue diplomas in two languages require a translation of a passport in English with a notarized certificate. This avoids mistakes in writing personal data of students when filling out the English part of the diploma. It may be necessary to translate passport data or the entire document when preparing a response to a request from a foreign institution, for example, to confirm residence.

Documents issued in another state to give them legal force also need to be notarized.

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Foreigners who come to Ukraine to get a job often have to provide a translation of their passport into Ukrainian. Also, the translation of the passport is mandatory when performing notarial acts – drawing up a power of attorney, will, registration application, conclusion of agreements…

Where can I order a passport translation?

Translation of foreign passports can be done at a translation agency in Ukraine. If you need a translation of your passport, contact the professionals! Topperevod will help you to quickly and efficiently translate your passport. You can contact our offices located in Kharkiv and Kyiv, or use online services. To order a translation of a Ukrainian passport, simply fill out the form on the website and attach a scanned copy of the document.

How the passport translation process takes place

The translation of the passport in the agency is performed by qualified translators, who draw up the translated document as close as possible to the original form. All passport information, including seals and stamps, is subject to duplication. Sometimes only the first page needs to be translated, but if the whole document is translated, the page numbering must be preserved. The finished translation is checked for errors and inaccuracies. In the document it is important to correctly translate not only the last name, first name, patronymic, place and date of birth. It is necessary to correctly indicate the target language and other information: passport number, name issued by its institution and all marks, stamps, seals that are in the original. The finished, completed translation by a certified translator is certified by a lawyer with a seal and signature.

Features of translation and certification of personal documents

The passport has a standard form, so its translation does not take much time. But at the same time, such a lesson is very responsible, because the document has higher requirements (both the specified information and design). In no case can mistakes be made in writing a surname, name and other data in a foreign language. In addition to the personal data of the owner, document number and information about its issuance, it contains additional information – marital status, place of residence… Carefully translate all information, including special marks and stamps.

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It would seem that it is not difficult for anyone to translate a passport into Russian in our country. However, a self-made translation may have some inaccuracies that will lead to rejection in official institutions and negatively affect, for example, your history of contacting diplomatic missions. In addition, it was necessary to record the information on paper in another language and draw it up correctly, it is still necessary to give the document legal force.

How to legalize documents for use in another country

It is possible to use the translated passport as an identity card while in the territory of another state after passing the notarization procedure. To do this, you need to order a translation of the document and its notarization in a professional office. Even if you already have the translated text, you will still have to contact the translation company, because the notary does not certify the translated text, but confirms that it is performed by a qualified specialist, ie certifies the translator’s signature.

The advantage of contacting the translation center is that you do not need to look for a notary to legalize documents, but rather to determine the need for notarization when ordering. After the project you will receive a legitimate document confirming the legality of its use in the country.

Notarized translation of Ukrainian or foreign passports in Kyiv, Kharkiv

To translate a domestic or foreign passport in Kyiv and Kharkiv, you can contact the Topperevod translation agency. If you do not have the opportunity to come to the agency in person, you can send a scanned copy with the application, using the services of the site. In the text of the appeal, be sure to indicate the target language and the need for certification. It is desirable to clarify the variant of transliteration of proper names. This is especially important if you have other documents in the language of translation (application, invitation, certificates, certificates…) If you need to provide a translated passport to several instances, we will make the required number of copies of the document. We can also translate the passport into several languages.

The cost of translation together with the certificate can be found on the website. The price is indicated for one copy of a certified translation and depends on the language pair.

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We have certified specialists who are ready to perform translations:

  • Ukrainian and foreign passports in 70 languages of the world;
  • Russian passport;
  • Belarusian passport;
  • Georgian passport;
  • Armenian passport;
  • Kazakh passport;
  • passports of citizens of the countries of the former USSR;
  • French passport;
  • Portuguese passport;
  • Polish passport;
  • Bulgarian passport;
  • Italian passport;
  • passports of citizens of other European and world countries.

Urgent translation of a Ukrainian or foreign passport with a notarized certificate

The standard procedure for translating a passport with a notarized certificate takes several days. If you want to reduce the time of receipt of the translated document, the specialists of our agency will perform the translation in a short time. For urgent translation it is not necessary to provide the original passport, it is enough to copy it on paper or in electronic form.

Our translators understand that the identification information contained in identity documents is always given special attention by regulatory authorities. Therefore, we are responsible for both regular and urgent translations. Certified translators are familiar with the design features, standard wording and nuances of passport translations. To obtain legal force, it is necessary to certify it with a notary. Topperevod Translation Agency (Kharkiv, Kyiv ) provides a full range of translation services: translation of documents by a certified translator, registration in accordance with accepted requirements, notarization.

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How long is the notarized translation of the passport

If the passport has not been changed, its translation, made in compliance with all requirements, has an unlimited validity period. Change of surname, address of residence, other information do not allow to use notarized translation of the passport. Therefore, we will have to make a new version of the translation, taking into account all the changes.