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Перевод на Китайский Перевод на Французский Перевод на Немецкий Перевод на Итальянский Перевод на Испанский Перевод на Турецкий Перевод на Украинский Перевод на Английский Перевод на Американский

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Many centuries ago, Dutch, or rather Dutch, was one of the main international languages. Today, it still communicates with all residents of the Netherlands and 60% of the population of Belgium, two economically developed European countries. There are communities that speak this language in some Caribbean islands. Therefore, such a service as translation into this language is in high demand. When traveling to these countries, planning studies or starting a business in them, you will definitely have to use the services of our staff, who will translate into Dutch.

Professional Dutch translation in Kharkiv

Written translation from Dutch into Russian and Dutch translation into English are one of the main activities of our office, which gives Kharkiv residents the opportunity to use the service at a high level of quality. In a short period of time, we were able to find professional linguists and editors who joined a close-knit team and developed effective methods of working with translations of texts of varying complexity.

Order translation

Today the service is ordered by both individuals and legal entities, for which we make translations in the following areas:

  • tourism, emigration and immigration. Internal passports, children’s travel documents, diplomas, certificates of marital status, income certificates and other official documents that require translation and are required to obtain a visa;
  • jurisprudence Registration and notarial documents, contracts and agreements, texts of laws, statements, claims and other legal documents for which translation is required;
  • medicine and pharmaceuticals. Outpatient cards, medical opinions and certificates, instructions for medicines, certificates, licenses, patents;
  • economics and finance. Customs declarations, accompanying papers for products, catalogs of goods, advertising brochures, credit documents, tender, banking, tax and permit documents;
  • science and technology. GOSTs, SNIP, manuals for operation, maintenance and repair, specifications, design documentation, instructions, diagrams, drawings, scientific and technical articles;
  • art and literature. Magazine and newspaper articles, manuscripts, scientific papers, books, dissertations, poems. This translation is entrusted to the Dutch Translation Agency only by staff members who are well acquainted with the culture and traditions of the Netherlands.

In addition to the translation service, you can contact us with questions about correcting or editing ready-made texts.

How to order a translation

We accept Dutch translation orders remotely. To apply for services, you must contact our managers by phone or fill out an online form on the company’s website. At the same time we guarantee the correct and competent execution of documents, objective prices and completion of the task in a timely manner.