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Artistic translation of books is a separate branch of art, and only a person with literary talent can handle it. Translating the text of the book does not mean literally interpreting the content, here it is more important not to distort the opinion of the author, to convey his position and emotions. Each writer has his own way of presenting and his individual style should be preserved when translating a book.

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Specifics of literary translation of books

Having the original book, translating its contents into English is not easy even for an experienced linguist. The difficulty of this work is that it is necessary to adapt the text taking into account the culture and mentality of another people. When reading a book in translation, the reader perceives each phrase as the words of the author, so it is important for the translator to be able to avoid their own emotions and thoughts.

It is not much easier to translate a book into Russian, because a specialist must:

  • feel the language of the original;
  • understand humor and be able to choose the right comparison;
  • know the historical and cultural features of the country, the literature of which he introduces the reader.

Work on the artistic adaptation of a literary work is further complicated by the fact that, fulfilling the orders of the publisher, translators must strictly adhere to the requirements of the contract and deadlines.

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Where to order a translation of the book

The Topperevod agency, which has offices in different cities of Ukraine, will help you translate a book written in any genre. We understand well how a literary translation of a book differs from any other type of translation. Thus, when translating economic and technical texts, the accuracy of information transfer is important. However, when translating fiction, the primary task of the translator is to preserve the author’s style of the original as much as possible.

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We entrust the translation of fiction books not just to translators with philological education. Do not doubt, the literary translation in our office will be executed by the expert who has special feeling and possesses art receptions.

When translating books, our translators approach their work not only creatively, but also as responsibly as possible. We have 70 languages in our arsenal, so we will be able to provide a competent, adapted translation of books into a foreign language. Checking the finished texts by the editor and proofreader will avoid inaccuracies and distortions of meaning.

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You can order a translation service of art books using the form on the website or by contacting our offices in Kharkiv and Kyiv. You can find out about the conditions of translation and the cost of our services from the manager. The price of one page of literary translation depends on the language of the original and the target language. The cost will increase if the translation needs to be done in a short time or its implementation requires the involvement of a native speaker. Therefore, the manager will be able to guide you according to the cost of translation only after getting acquainted with all the conditions of the project.

We do not overestimate the price, because we are set up for long-term cooperation.