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Перевод чертежей AutoCAD Topperevod

Many Ukrainian projects are implemented or financed by foreign companies, so the documentation prepared by our specialists requires technical translation. Engineering documentation is accompanied by graphic fragments, drawings, specifications, which are created using special programs (AutoCad, Compas, and others). Drawings in Aktokad, in addition to graphic images, contain textual information, which should also be translated.

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Features of the translation of drawings created in the AutoCAD program

Цены перевода чертежей в Харькове

Only specialists who are familiar with engineering software can translate the original drawing into AutoCAD. The drawing, which is being translated, may contain short inscriptions, names, measurement values. In this case, changes can be made directly in the program. If the text component is voluminous, then the work on its translation will be multi-stage:

  •   the text block is retrieved from AutoCAD;
  •   the text is placed in a special program or Word;
  •   translation is being carried out;
  •   the translated text is returned to the drawing;
  •   layout is corrected.

If a layout designer is involved in the design of the translated drawing, the translator provides him with information in the form of a table containing the original and translated material. This allows the layout specialist to correctly distribute the text.

High-quality translation of engineering, construction, architectural drawings by a technical translator

Translation agency Topperevod, Kharkiv employs translators who can translate any technical text and drawing. Translation into English, German, Polish and other languages ​​is carried out both in monolingual and bilingual versions. Mandatory reconciliation and proofreading allow you to make the necessary changes in time, eliminating any errors in the finished material. If translation of drawings into Russian / Ukrainian is required, our specialists will perform it from any of the 70 languages ​​we work with. At the request of the customer, we can help transfer the drawing to AutoCAD from other computer-aided design systems.

Order a translationперевод инженерных, строительных, архитектурных чертежей техническим переводчиком Topperevod

You can order the service of technical translation of drawings in our agency not only in Kharkov or Kiev, but also from anywhere in Ukraine. To do this, you need to fill out a form on the site and send materials by e-mail. The cost of work is determined by the amount of text, the price can be obtained from the project manager. Regardless of the complexity and amount of work, the quality of our translations is always on top.