Translation of an extract from the court register

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It is worth starting with the fact that many people do not fully understand what a court translation of KRS documents is in Poland.

KRS is the national court register in Poland. Objects of entrepreneurial activity can be included there.

Some of the most popular examples are:

  • insolvent debtors;
  • funds;
  • societies;
  • public and professional organizations.

In addition, the KRS register has accurate and detailed information, as well as the full status of the object of registration.

You can easily order a court translation from the KRS register at our translation agency at affordable prices.

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Translation of removal from KRS

An extract or extract from the KRS court register is not a standard document, although it is the same.

Our staff of the translation agency will be able to quickly and accurately translate the extract into Ukrainian with its subsequent notarization, so you can order it as soon as possible.

You will have the opportunity to use this court document on the territory of Ukraine and submit it to any government agency.

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Notarization of the translation

Thanks to the fact that our professional translators know all the intricacies and take into account the mandatory requirements of the reverse party, you are guaranteed to receive a quality translation of documents with its notarization in the shortest possible time.

The staff of the bureau translates and notarizes documents of any complexity and always provides favorable prices, so you can safely order a translation from us.

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The price of translating an extract from the KRS court register

The cost of ordering a translation of a document (extract) with notarization is calculated based on the actual number of characters in the document.

To find out the approximate cost of translating the statement and the timing of the work, you can send us by mail scanned copies of the original documents with all the conditions and requirements that will need to be met during the translation.

Moreover, after translating the statement, we will send you a letter in advance with the result so that you can make personal corrections and comments if necessary.

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Translation agency Topperevod

You will not have to worry about contacting our translation agency, as the staff clearly knows how to make statements from KRS Poland in Ukrainian.

By contacting our professional translation agency, you can be absolutely sure that the ordered statutory fund for the translation of the KRS statement into Ukrainian with its notarization will be carried out in accordance with all requirements and standards for a good price.