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Striving to get a good education, get a prestigious job, reach new heights in life, young people often choose foreign educational institutions. The package of documents for admission to a foreign university includes a document on education. The requirements of each individual university in the world are different, but the translation of a certificate or diploma (to continue studying) is required. The translation of the diploma of the Ukrainian university will be required also during employment abroad or reception of a place in the international company having a branch in our country.

How to translate a certificate and diploma

Перевод аттестата ХарьковCertificates and diplomas are translated in accordance with international standards. The translation is in the language of the host country. Most often, the adaptation is performed in three languages – English, German and French. However, a significant number of universities are required to accept the translation of diplomas and certificates into English, as foreign education is often conducted in English.

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Not only the diploma should be translated, but also its appendix with information about the studied disciplines and grades. In different countries, subject names and grading systems may differ from those adopted in our country. Therefore, a specialist who translates the certificate into English (or another language) must take into account these nuances. The translated document must be certified in order to give it legal force. And so it is certified by the company seal of the translation bureau or notarized translation of the certificate (notarized translation of the diploma). In some cases it may be necessary to affix an apostille to the certificate (diploma).

Why it is profitable to order a translation from Topperevod

The staff of the Topperevod translation agency will advise you on the issues of nostrification and legalization of educational papers, as well as help with the correct translation and design. We have 70 languages in our arsenal, and we are ready to translate a certificate or diploma into any of them. You provide the agency with original documents or copies, we return them with translations. If you need a company or notarized certificate, you take away from us ready-made documents.

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