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Italian is not only the official language of Italy and the Vatican, it is also the second official language in Switzerland, San Marino, Croatia and Slovenia. The roots of this language originate from colloquial Latin, which was common in Italy.

When planning a trip to Italy or promoting your business on the Italian market, you can’t do without professional translation of personal, legal and financial documents into Italian.

Accordingly, in order to conduct business in our country, to conclude legal agreements, an Italian must have permits and their translation from Italian.

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Features of translation into / from Italian in Kharkiv

The Italian language has its own characteristics that should be taken into account when translating, for example, the presence of a huge number of dialects. But the official Italian language is always used in official documents and negotiations.

Despite the use of Latin, some Latin letters are not typical of Italian (J, W, K, Y and X) and can only be found in borrowed words. Another feature of the language is the ending of many words with a loud sound. Exceptions are some prepositions and words that come from other languages.

The members of the sentence do not have a fixed place, but it should be remembered that when changing the arrangement of words, the meaning of the phrase can change significantly.