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Important components of the restaurant business are not only delicious food and a high level of service. Equally important is the design and content of the menu, thanks to which guests get the first impression of the dish. Translation of the menu of a restaurant or cafe into a foreign language, for example, English, will help visitors from different countries to choose a dish to their liking. Foreign guests get the opportunity to get acquainted with the menu in an understandable language, and the establishment gets satisfied customers.

Why do restaurants need to translate menus?

Перевод меню на TopperevodThe translation of the menu into English is simply necessary if the catering establishment is located in close proximity to the sights that tourists love to visit, because in addition to historical places, foreigners are also interested in getting to know our cuisine.

Locations near the business center, where meetings with foreign partners are often held, can also attract guests from abroad. It is more convenient for foreign visitors to a restaurant (cafe) to get acquainted with the assortment of dishes in a language they understand, because for many foreigners Cyrillic is as incomprehensible as Chinese characters are for us.

Restaurateurs planning to open branches in other countries also order the translation of the restaurant menu. The description of dishes should not just be translated literally, but adapted to the perception of the target audience. A menu in any language, containing “delicious” names of dishes and “appetizing” descriptions, stimulates the appetite.

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Sometimes it is necessary to translate from English into Russian the menu of an establishment that opens in Kiev or in another city from a network of well-known cafes, for example, American grill bars, fast foods … Or translate into Russian / Ukrainian the menu of restaurants of national cuisine (Italian, French, Chinese …).

A correctly translated menu contributes to the establishment of a high status of a new establishment and improves the rating of an existing cafe or restaurant.

Competent translation of the menu is the key to the success of the establishment among foreign visitors

The menu of a restaurant or cafe contains a huge number of dishes, but it is not just a catalog containing names and prices. The restaurant menu is a marketing tool. Its goal is to push the visitor to make a choice, make him order more and leave the client with a desire to visit the establishment again.

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The translated menu should perform the same tasks. A description of a dish in a foreign language should make you want to try it. The names of some dishes (especially national cuisine) do not have an exact translation, so the translator needs to explain the composition and method of preparation in the descriptive part. And to do it in such a way as to intrigue the visitor and help him choose this menu item in order to get new gastronomic experiences.

How is the translation process

Заказать перевод меню на TopperevodThe menu translation process takes a long time. Translation work consists of several stages:

  •   Discussion of the project with the owner of the establishment. The translator must obtain all the information about the format of the establishment, the cuisine, the target audience, and clarify important details about the dishes.
  •   Translation of the names of dishes, their descriptions, ingredients. The task facing the translator is super creative. The first thing a translator faces is the need to choose the correct name of the dish in the target language. In some cases, you can find a foreign analogue of the dish. When translating world-famous dishes, the principle of transcription is often used, which allows preserving the national flavor. In other cases, you can not do without a descriptive part. For a client to want to try a dish, its description must create a certain story. And for this, a specialist adapting the menu of a Ukrainian restaurant into English (or any other) must:

    be well versed in the intricacies of culinary arts;

    be a connoisseur and lover of delicious food;

    take into account the gastronomic features of the nation into the language of which the translation is being carried out.

  •   At this stage, it is also important to have constant communication with the chef or expert in order to clarify issues that arise in the process of working on the translation of the menu.

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  •   Checking the translation of the menu by the editor and proofreader. This is a very important stage, since an illiterate translation can ruin the reputation of a classy establishment with a high level of service. Misinterpretation of the preparation stage, a small mistake in the list of ingredients, can adversely affect the health of people suffering from some kind of disease, as well as customers with food allergies, and lead to unpredictable consequences.
  •   Coordination of the translation option with the customer. Only after editing the translated text, taking into account the comments and recommendations received, the translation is considered completed. A duly executed final version of the menu translation is handed over to the customer.

How much does it cost to translate a restaurant menu

The cost of translating a restaurant menu depends on who you entrust this work to. When contacting a freelance translator, you can negotiate a small price, but then you must be prepared to carefully check the quality of the translation, which requires a good knowledge of the target language. The translation agency guarantees accurate and competent translation into any required language. Here, a whole team will work on adapting the menu, and an accidental mistake made by the translator will be corrected by the proofreader and editor. The price of translating a menu in a bureau depends on the language pair, the amount of information being translated and the additional services chosen by the client. For example, the involvement of a native speaker, the urgency of the order, the need for certification – all these options will increase the standard cost of translation.

Order a translation

Topperevod translation agency specialists (Kharkiv, Kiev) will translate your menu with taste. We work with 70 foreign languages ​​and we can translate the menu into any of them.