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Technical translation is a complex and painstaking job that requires not only linguistic education, but also deep industry knowledge and professional skills. Sometimes it is required to involve several specialists from different fields of knowledge (translators, engineers, lawyers, doctors) to work on one text at once. There are cases when the translation of a technical text is first performed by a person who is well versed in the subject, and then it is corrected by a linguist. Or, in reverse order, a professional translator, at the end of his part of the work, transfers the completed translation to a specialist in the technical direction, who checks the correctness of the use of special terminology.

When You May Need a Technical Translation

технический перевод документов на TopperevodWith the development of international relations in the fields of production, trade, medicine, the need for information exchange between colleagues from different countries is growing. The everyday level of foreign language proficiency is not enough for professional communication and solving issues of a production nature or related to the supply of equipment. Therefore, there is a need to attract a qualified translator to perform one-time translations or long-term project support, business correspondence with foreign partners.

A high-quality translation enables specialists to get acquainted with the achievements of scientific and technological progress and share their own developments with foreign colleagues.

Preparation or participation in international conferences, negotiations with foreign partners also require the involvement of a professional translator. He will provide competent oral simultaneous translation or written translation of technical materials.

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Translations of texts may also be needed when buying new equipment. Technical translation plays an important role here, since not only the speed of mastering the technique, but also the safety of its use depends on its adequacy. They also apply for technical translation services when preparing products for export, since all technical documentation for goods must be duplicated in several languages.

Where to turn for help if you need a high-quality technical translation in Kharkov

The best option is to contact a translation agency that has translators and specialists in various fields of knowledge on its staff: lawyers for legal translations , economists for economic translations , and other thematic experts. Topperevod employs professionals who can be entrusted with the translation of technical texts of any complexity and volume. Among them there are translators who have technical knowledge and practical experience in various industries. To carry out the project, a specialist is selected who is as competent as possible in a particular subject.

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You can order technical translation from Topperevod by filling out a special form on the website, by phone or in the office. The price of the service depends on the volume of the text and the urgency, the complexity of the translation does not affect the final cost of the project.

Features of the translation of technical documentation

There is a huge amount of technical texts that have to be translated – from instructions for the operation of household appliances to descriptions of technological processes, details of testing, specialized articles in scientific and technical publications. The translation agency can perform: ·

  •   translation of scientific and technical documentation;
  •   translation of technical articles for periodicals;
  •   translation of accompanying documents for equipment, product conformity certificates;
  •   translation of expert opinions, results of technical tests;
  •   translation of instructions, user manuals, operating rules;
  •   translation of drawings, diagrams, other graphic information;
  •   translation of business correspondence and other technical texts.

What languages ​​do we work with for technical translation?

We perform competent technical translations, having 70 languages ​​in our arsenal. The translation agency for technical texts employs experienced linguists who provide high-quality professional and expert translations of technical literature and documentation. Most of our work is translations from English into Russian and vice versa. Translations from/into German, Polish, Spanish, French, European and other common languages ​​are also in demand.

Features of the translation of technical texts

бюро переводов TopperevodThe difficulty of performing technical translation lies in the abundance of special terms, which, depending on the profile direction, can have different meanings. The rapid development of some technical areas leads to a change in terminology and the expansion of industry dictionaries. A translator who works with texts of this kind has to keep track of all these changes, add new words and designations to special glossaries.

Technical texts also contain a large amount of numerical data indicating units of measurement, the spelling of which may differ in different languages. Therefore, it is important for a translator to understand these differences and to know the international designations of these quantities in order to avoid mistakes in translation. The content of texts with abbreviations and abbreviations accepted in narrow industry circles also causes some difficulties.

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The translator must have tremendous knowledge, possess special vocabulary and terminology in order to understand the essence of the translated text and correctly select the necessary equivalent to a word or its abbreviated form. In his work, a technical translator uses reference books, dictionaries of general vocabulary, polytechnical and industry

Benefits of using Topperevod translation agency

You can order technical translation from us not only in Kharkov. The field of activity of the company is not limited to Kharkov, Kiev and other cities of Ukraine. The geometry of translation agency orders is much wider, for example, we work fruitfully with customers from Kazakhstan.

Advantages of Topperevod: ·

  •   A professional team capable of translating technical texts related to various fields of activity.
  •   The presence of specialists with not only linguistic education, but also technical education, as well as practical work experience.
  •   Compilation of a glossary for each client. Involvement of highly specialized experts and native speakers to work on complex topics.
  •   Mandatory verification of translated texts by several specialists.
  •   Work with 70 language pairs.
  •   Fulfillment of orders, including urgent translations, within a clearly defined time frame, without delay.
  •   Acceptable prices for the translation of technical texts.

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The best proof of the high quality of our translations is repeated requests from regular customers. Among them are companies presenting their products for export, which operate in the energy, chemical, food and other industries.

What about technical texts?

Technical translations include the translation of the following documents:

Translation of instructions

Translation of presentations in Kharkov

Menu translation

Website translation in Kharkov

Localization of sites in Kharkov

Translation of AutoCAD drawings

Chemical translation in Kharkov

Translation of construction design documentation

Translation of aviation texts

Translation of customs documents

Translation of project documentation

Translation of travel texts

Translation of the registration certificate

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