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The scientific text has an informative richness, accuracy and logic of presentation. The translation of scientific articles is a difficult task, as it must accurately reflect the author’s reasoning, convey the content of the original, correctly use specific wording and terms. These materials may contain graphic information and calculations that complicate the work and require proper design.

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EПеревод научных статей Topperevodnglish is the most common language and is considered an international means of communication, including in the scientific world. Therefore, scientific articles are most often published in English in highly specialized journals. Not every translator will be able to translate such literature. A specialist who carries out scientific and technical translation of texts must not only have a good knowledge of both languages – the original and the target, but also have in-depth knowledge in the field to which the material belongs.

Features of translation of scientific texts

Translations of scientific texts usually need to be published in international specialized journals or domestic literature published in foreign languages. To be sure that the material will be published, for a quality translation of scientific articles from Russian into English or any other language should consult professionals.

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An experienced translator organizes his work as follows:

  • gets acquainted with the original, delves into the subject;
  • translates text into draft;
  • rereads the received variant, paying attention to difficult fragments of search of more exact formulations;
  • produces reconciliation with the original;
  • reads the finished translated text;
  • draws up the text, adds formulas, calculations, illustrations.

The agency must carry out proofreading, editorial editing, only after which the text can be considered ready.

How to translate a scientific article without problems

If translation of scientific texts into English, German and other European languages is required, the Topperevod Translation Agency, Kharkiv, will carry it out at a high level. In our agency you can order translation of scientific articles into Russian / Ukrainian from a foreign language. We work with 70 languages and have specialists in various fields of science. The manager will be sure to select a translator who understands the subject presented in the original material.

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Scientific and technical translation of texts is edited in accordance with the standards of foreign academic publishers. Such correction and proofreading are performed by native speakers. The cost of translation depends on the volume, language pair, deadline. Urgent work will cost more, as will translation in a rare language. The presence of a team of specialists in various fields of knowledge, a responsible attitude of each of them to the case allows you to ensure an excellent translation result, regardless of the subject.