Translation of construction design documentation

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Translation of project documentation is most often used in construction. This is facilitated by the development of international cooperation. For example, Ukrainian companies perform work on foreign projects. Or the second option, foreign contractors work according to the documentation developed by our specialists.

Specificity of the translation of construction documentation

Перевод строительной проектной документации в Харькове на Topperevod

Engineering design documents include:

  •   textual information – description of the stages of work, features of the technology, characteristics of materials, conclusions, instructions;
  •   calculation part – formulas, digital data with symbolic designation of values;
  •   graphic images – diagrams, tables, drawings, specifications.

Therefore, a specialist translating documents for construction, in addition to a thorough knowledge of the target languages, requires narrow-profile knowledge, as well as skills in working with special graphic programs.

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Requirements for the translator of project documentation

The purpose of the translator is to ensure a full understanding of narrow specialists from different countries. To do this, he must have full knowledge of:

  •   technical, in particular construction, terminology;
  •   current state standards;
  •   normative acts of the countries of translation;
  •   text and graphics programs

Translation agency Topperevod offers

Перевод строительной проектной документации - ценыTopperevod Agency is a team of professional translators with knowledge in various fields of activity. Translations of project documentation are carried out by specialists with linguistic and technical education, as well as practical work experience. We treat our work responsibly, for each project we create a glossary of highly specialized terms, carefully calibrate the finished texts to the smallest detail. In the translation work, specialists must take into account the design features of objects, construction standards and other special requirements for such documentation. A multi-stage system for checking translated materials allows you to avoid mistakes and guarantee a high result.

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You can order translation services for documents from anywhere in Ukraine by filling out the application form on the website. Original materials can be delivered to our offices in Kharkov and Kiev, or sent by e-mail. For your project, the manager will personally select a translator whose knowledge and skills are best suited for translation. In the course of communication, he will name the approximate cost of translating a page of text, and will clarify the final cost of the work after reading the material and clarifying the nuances of the project. Our professional translators will translate corporate materials in the shortest possible time, competently translate drawings and the necessary accompanying papers.

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