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Professional translation of technical texts is a complex task and requires from the performer not only an excellent knowledge of foreign languages, but also special skills in a particular industry.

Translation of chemical texts, terms and names of elements

Particular attention should be paid to chemical translations, since each incorrect translation of chemical terms or instructions for the use of materials can lead to an explosion or poisoning of people, provoke damage to equipment.

Most of this documentation is published in English. Accordingly, it is the most common language in the industry. The particular complexity of chemical terminology lies in the fact that one word has several definitions. Sometimes, in combination with additional words, the term has the opposite meaning. For example, let’s take the word agent, and the chemical translation is “agent”, “means”, and in the English version it can be found as:

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  •   chemical agent – reagent, reagent;
  •   oxidizing agent
  •   reducingagent – reducer.

The meanings of some terms, even within the same industry, are different. For example, the word – means oil, lubricant, oil.

Features of working with texts in chemistry in Kharkov

Chemical translation has its own peculiarity, and it lies in the fact that the content of each material is usually narrowly focused and – in addition to special terms – is replete with abbreviations. In the course of work, the translator needs to know the terminology of both languages.

When translating a technical work, a specialist should not forget about its harmony, about the informative and stylistic structure.

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When it’s needed

It has already been mentioned that most of the materials are a chemical translation from English. Even a primary source of international importance, written in another language, is translated.

The main areas of such translations include:

  •   scientific articles from English and others;
  •   Permissible documents and materials (certificates, passports, conclusions, etc.);
  •   instructions for the use of drugs, which are often issued in English in the international format;
  •   protocols of analyzes of laboratory tests;
  •   educational literature;
  •   site filling.

What is the cost of chemical translation

Usually the cost of translation is determined by the number of pages (standard page: 1800 csp) or hours in case of interpretation, the language of the original and translation, its purpose. There is a surcharge for urgency. Documents over 50 pages are often discounted.

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A professional chemical text is a document of a special nature, several people will work on it: a chemist-translator, proofreader, editor.

Each individual order is calculated individually by the bureau.