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One third of the world’s population are active Internet users. Each person is looking for information of interest in a language he understands, so many businessmen turn to translators for the translation of sites that offer the company’s products and services. Thousands of purchases are made on the Internet every day, so for a modern entrepreneur, the translation of websites is a necessity. A well-executed translation will allow you to expand your audience, draw attention to the company’s products and take your business to a new level.

What are the possibilities for website translation in Kharkov

Перевод сайтов в Харькове на Topperevod

  •   The easiest way to translate a website is to use one of the free online resources. The advantages of this method are speed and low cost. However, online translation programs will not provide a decent quality of the translated text. All features of the original text (slogans, slogans, special terminology, style of presenting information…) can be lost during programmatic translation.
  •   Independent translation. It is possible with a sufficiently high level of knowledge of a foreign language. You will save money, of course, but you will spend a lot of time on this activity.
  •   Use the services of a freelance translator. In this case, in order to be sure of a really high-quality translation of a website, you should at least know the target language well yourself in order to check the correctness of the translated information.
  •   Contacting a translation agency. The most optimal option. Certified specialists working on your project will provide the necessary quality, perform the work quickly and accurately.

Website translation into a foreign language: Prices

Website translation is a long and painstaking task. In order to complete such a task, the translator must understand the specifics of the subject and be well versed in the intricacies of the target language. The best solution if the site will be translated by a native speaker of the target language. He will be able to fully reflect all the information, make it understandable to the target audience. In addition, when translating into a native language, it is easier for a translator to choose the most interesting for the user and more suitable for describing a particular product, the style of presenting information. After all, when translating, it is important to preserve the semantic load of articles and optimize the site for search engines.

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Of course, a specialist translating into a foreign language can also make an ideal adaptation of the site, but for this he must be familiar not only with the linguistic features of the language and the subject of the site, but also with the culture of the potential reader. In this case, it does not hurt to entrust the proofreading of the translation to a native speaker.

The most demanded service is the translation of sites into English, since the largest number of search queries are in English. The work of translating the site into Ukrainian or from Ukrainian (Russian) into the language of the country the company is focused on is also relevant. And the translation of the site into Russian allows Ukrainian companies to effectively present their products in the CIS countries – Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan …

What difficulties does a translator face when translating a website?

Профессиональный перевод сайтов под ключ в агентстве TopperevodThe first is the scope of the web project. The site usually contains a large amount of information. In addition to text content, the site contains graphics, labels, videos, toppers, widgets. All of this content is subject to translation. Text located on pictures, information on buttons and other visual elements also needs to be translated. And in this case, it is also important to maintain a certain text size. This remark is especially relevant for the translation of short texts located in a limited space (menu sections, buttons

ki, cellars, etc.)

The second is the link to the theme of the site and the target audience. Sections of the site may contain information from various fields of knowledge (medicine, technology, finance, law). The translator must understand the specifics of the site, be familiar with the subject matter, cultural characteristics of the country, and also be able to correctly adapt the terms for a particular region.

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Third. Translation of advertising slogans designed to attract the attention of users is a creative task. In order to accurately and succinctly express the essence of a commercial offer in a short phrase in another language, the translator must have creative abilities.

Website translation is a team effort. Therefore, applying for help in translating a website to a translation agency will allow you to get high-quality content in the required language in a short period of time.

Professional turnkey website translation at Topperevod agency

In order for the translated site to help you achieve your goals (increase search traffic, increase the number of sales, increase the company’s income), the translation should be entrusted to a professional agency.

Topperevod translation agency employs specialists with linguistic and specialized knowledge. Working in a team, they will localize sites of any complexity and subject matter exactly on time. Text content will be translated by a translator who is well versed in the subject of the site. At your request, the translation can be performed by a native speaker, because translation into your native language always looks more interesting, intelligible and better perceived by the target audience. Alternatively, a native speaker can be entrusted with checking the completed translation.

How to order website translation in Kharkov

To order website translation services in Kiev and Kharkov, you can contact the office of the bureau or use the online application form. You can send us site materials or a link to the site (site page). Our manager will contact you after a preliminary review of the materials in order to clarify all the nuances of the project and the necessary deadlines for the execution of the order.

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Stages of work on the project

After receiving the TOR for the translation of the site, we first of all study the requirements of the project. Next, we proceed according to the well-established scheme:

  •   The conclusion of the contract, which reflects all the nuances of the service, quality requirements, the procedure for acceptance, forms of payment …
  •   Discussion with the customer of the timing of the project.
  •   Determining the cost.
  •   Choice of translator or team.
  •   Website translation into English or other required language.
  •   Checking and editing the translation.
  •   Delivery of work to the customer.

The cost of translating a website into English or other languages

The cost of translating a Ukrainian (Russian) site into English or another required language depends on the volume of text content, the target language, the availability of special customer requirements and the provision of additional services. The complexity of the text does not affect the cost of services. The prices for website translation can be found in the relevant section.

The proofreading of the text by a native speaker is paid separately, and the surcharge for urgency is 50% of the order value.

Benefits of working with us

To order website translation in Topperevod translation agency means:

  •   competent adaptation of content to the required language;
  •   the ability to translate into several languages ​​for a multilingual site;
  •   compliance with all requirements of the contract;
  •   obtaining a high quality product in a short time at an affordable price.

Order site translation from us! We will develop the best approach that will help bring your business to the international level and achieve your goals.