Translation of the certificate of absence of COVID-19

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The worldwide COVID-19 pandemic has changed our lives. This applies not only to compliance with quarantine and self-isolation, but also to the rules of border crossing. Now for a trip abroad the set of necessary documents includes a certificate of absence of coronavirus infection. Tests must be taken shortly before departure. And it is better to clarify in advance the validity of the certificate in the country of destination. You can find out where to get a certificate for the absence of coronavirus in your city on the Internet, from a family doctor or at any medical institution.

What is the help

Certificate of absence of coronavirus – an official document issued by a medical institution authorized to perform the test. The certificate must contain the following information:

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  • name honey. institutions that conducted testing;
  • passport data of the test subject;
  • date and type of analysis;
  • research result;
  • stamp / wet seal of the medical institution;
  • signature and seal and doctor.

Why do you need a certificate of absence of COVID-19 and its translation

Перевод справки об отсутствии COVID-19 TopperevodIf you plan to go abroad for tourism, treatment, education, work, etc. the presence of a negative PCR test result is mandatory. This will help avoid two weeks of self-isolation, save you money and time.

In Ukraine, the certificate of absence of coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 is available in two languages – Ukrainian and English. This is enough to cross the border, but if you are going to present this document to the official authorities of another country, you may need to translate the certificate into the state language.

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Features of the translation of the certificate of absence of coronavirus in the translation agency Topperevod

How to get a certificate of the absence of coronavirus is known from various print sources, including the Internet. But how to properly arrange its translation, should be clarified in advance. If you need to translate the results of the analysis into COVID-19 into another language, you should contact the Topperevod translation agency. Our experts know exactly what a document should look like to meet the requirements of a particular country. However, the main condition for a competent translation is the correct indication of personal data, their exact correspondence to the writing in the passport, because any mistake makes the document invalid.

Given that the certificate with the test results is suitable for a limited time (48 hours, 72 hours, 96 hours for different countries), we translate the document as soon as possible. You can order from us the translation of not one, but several certificates at once, for example, for a group of tourists, a business trip or certification of several documents for submission to various authorities.

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The translated office will certify the translated document in any necessary way – notarized or the agency’s seal. The help can be referred to standard documents, so the cost of translation depends only on the target language. The price indicates the cost of notarized translation, company certification is free.

By contacting us for help, you are guaranteed to get an excellent result at the best price.