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Topperevod Translation Agency, in addition to the standard service for adapting documents and texts into a foreign language, provides a website localization service. This is a relatively new direction in the field of translations. More recently, or rather, a couple of years ago, site localization began to be singled out as a special type of translation. And despite this, the adaptation of corporate Internet resources to the language of another country already occupies a fairly large segment of the translation market.

Локализация сайтов В Харькове на TopperevodSite localization is the adaptation of a version of an Internet resource into a foreign language, which takes into account all state features and traditions. When processing the text that is posted on the website, not only is it translated into English, German or Japanese, but, perhaps, a new foreign language version of the site is created. What is the difference, you ask? Everything is very simple, the difference lies in the fact that translation is a banal transformation of words and phrases from the source language to the required one, and localization is the compilation of text in the required language with its synchronous optimization for further promotion of the foreign version in search engines.

The main criteria for the competent selection of a performer for the localization of an Internet resource are programming experience and cultural and linguistic knowledge. That is, in order to localize a website at a high level, the translator’s knowledge, at least superficially, should affect such a direction as “Creation and promotion of Internet sites”, since certain experience, skills and information are required when working with Internet resources.

Features in the localization of corporate Internet resources in Kharkov

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Localization of sites has distinctive features that are not characteristic of other types of translation. This work includes many steps:

  •   Translation into the required language of the text of Internet pages by professional translators together with technical specialists. Subsequent change of information, taking into account the national mentality and the specifics of the market.
  •   Translation of website system modules.
  •   Changing the graphical interface and site code. Drawn and animated elements adapt to the specific cultural characteristics of the destination country.
  •   Improvement of the web page for state search systems.
  •   Build, test and validate a localized site. When translating, the volume of the text may change, and the direction of the text may also differ.

Why you should order website localization from us

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заказать локализацию сайта TopperevodTurning to the Topperevod translation agency for help, you are guaranteed to receive a high-quality translation of the site content. With us you have the opportunity to recreate any number of versions of your site in any language of the world.

  •   The agency fulfills orders by highly qualified specialists with extensive experience in this area. The translated material undergoes a double check – proofreading by a proofreader and editing by an editor.
  •   We are guaranteed to localize sites in the shortest possible time. We have a large number of competent specialists in our staff, which allows us to effectively carry out projects of any size.
  •   Individual approach to every customer. Each client is assigned a manager who will supervise and control the implementation of your project.
  •   Adequate pricing policy. The price of order fulfillment is formed taking into account its volume and complexity. For example, it would cost more to localize a website into Japanese than to create an English version, because the cost of translating into Japanese exceeds the cost of translating into English.