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The modern world is developing rapidly, there are many discoveries, technologies are being created and improved. A patent is a legal document that confirms the exclusive right to intellectual property or a new technical solution. Translation of patents is required if there is a need to enter the international arena to solve scientific and technical problems of optimizing the work of the enterprise, determining the uniqueness of the invention or registration of a patent abroad.

Patent documentation is an important part of patent translation

Patent translation is considered a type of scientific and technical translation, which includes translation of the text of the patent description, translation of the text of drawings, graphics and illustrations. The structure and composition of the patent remain unchanged, an exact copy is created in the target language.

The translation of patent documentation may have the following blocks:

  • the title of the invention;
  • area and purpose of development;
  • the essence of the invention;
  • characteristics of similar developments;
  • scientific substantiation of application of the invention;
  • economic or other efficiency;
  • graphic part: drawings, diagrams, graphs…;
  • the claims containing technical features

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Who to entrust the translation of patents

Patent documentation contains many specific features, terminological elements, formulas from different fields of knowledge. Therefore, the translation of a patent should be done not just by a person who knows the language, but by an erudite, skilled specialist with higher technical education. At Topperevod Translation Agency, patents are translated into English and other languages (70 languages) by legal and legal professionals. Sometimes it is necessary to translate a patent that is far from technical inventions, such as a patent in the field of art. In this case, the translation of such a patent requires translators with radically different knowledge. That is why our agency employs not only translators-technicians, but also people with cultural and art education.

It is obvious that a highly qualified translator with knowledge in many areas should translate patents. And such specialists are quite rare in today’s market of linguistic translation services. Accordingly, the price of patent translations is quite high. However, at Topperevod , the cost of this service will pleasantly surprise you – it is significantly lower compared to other translation agencies that provide a similar service.

Patent translation services in Kharkiv, Kyiv

For a translation of a patent into another language to have legal force, it must be notarized or affixed with an apostille. You will not need to look for a lawyer using the services of our company. We provide a full package of services for legalization of documents during translation in different languages.

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You can order a translation of patent documentation, calculate the cost of the service, get advice on our website. This will not be difficult – just fill out the form and provide a contact phone number. Our managers will contact you in a few minutes. They will select a team of translators that corresponds to the subject of your patent, calculate the cost and timing of the order.

Our specialists are ready to fulfill the most complex and unique orders. We contribute to the creation of new interesting inventions that improve, facilitate and make life happier and more interesting.