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Often there is a need to translate such a document as a technical passport for vehicles. The need for such a transfer arises in the case of the acquisition of foreign-made cars.

Difficulties in translating technical data sheets

A technical passport is an important document that reflects the technical characteristics of an object. In the technical passport for equipment, vehicles, etc. you can find their functional characteristics, technical features and other information that may be useful to the user of this object. Also, technical passports can be drawn up for real estate objects, such as houses and apartments.

Basically, clients need to translate a technical passport from a foreign language into Russian. But for some purposes, it may be necessary to prepare a technical passport with a translation into English.

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All the subtleties of translation

Translation of technical documentation, including the translation of technical passports, is one of the most difficult translators to practice. In order to translate any technical document as accurately as possible, it is necessary not only to have a good knowledge of the language from which it is necessary to translate, and the language into which the translation is required, but also to understand the special terminology.

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The main features of the translation of the technical passport include:

  •   Translation in accordance with the rules of transliteration;
  •   The need to familiarize the translator with special terminology in order to correctly understand and translate the terms found in the technical passport;
  •   The presence of very strict requirements for high accuracy of translation. It is worth stopping the slightest distortion of the essence of the information contained in the document;
  •   Mandatory taking into account all the features of drawing up signatures for drawings that are accepted in a particular country, as well as the features of indicating units of measurement;
  •   Preserve the structure of the text, which is similar to that in the original document.

Translation agency Topperevod is engaged, among other things, in the provision of services for the translation of technical documentation of all kinds. You can order a registration certificate in English and in any other language from us. Our specialists will be able to prepare a Russian registration certificate by translating this document from any language. The employees of our bureau are familiar with technical terminology, all the nuances and peculiarities of translating technical documents. Therefore, by contacting us, you can be sure that the work on the translation of the technical passport will be performed as accurately as possible, and the likelihood of errors is minimized.