Translation of documents for a visa

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A translation of the passport for the visa, as well as other documents, may be required when applying. It is theoretically possible to translate documents on your own, but it is not always possible. Most often, with self-translation, without proper education, you can incorrectly translate a word or combination of words. Such a translation will not be accepted when processing documents. In this case, it is better to turn to specialists who do the job correctly and give guarantees. This is our company, which has only qualified specialists in its staff.

Translation of documents for the Kharkiv visa, in which cases it is required

Visas to visit the country are obtained at the embassy or consulate. Therefore, they should find out exactly what documents are needed. In Kiev, the translation of documents for the embassy can be ordered from our company.

Translation of documents to obtain a visa is not required for all documents and not always. Many visas to Schengen countries accept documents in Russian. If you need to translate documents for a visa, this cannot be avoided.

There are countries where a visa is issued directly at the border. In this case, the translation of documents for a visa is not required.

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Do I need to certify the translation of documents for a Kharkiv visa?

Перевод документов для визы TopperevodEach country sets its own rules. Therefore, when applying for a visa in different countries will differ. Some countries require certification of documents, others require a simple translation.

The question of whether you need to certify the translation of documents for a visa to the UK, you can safely say no. Because the country does not require, but only requires the usual translation. This can be done by yourself with the help of an editor, but no one will guarantee the correctness of the translation. If the translation does not require certification, it is still better to consult a specialist because each document has its own specifics of the translation. If you break her translation, it may not work.

You need to know the exact information before drawing up documents to avoid shortcomings in the preparation of documentation.

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How to order translation of documents for Kyiv visa?

You can order a translation of visa documents in our company. To do this, you can send all the necessary documentation by e-mail or bring it in person to the office. Before that, get acquainted with the prices and services provided by our company. Specialists perform the required type of service efficiently and quickly.

When translating visa documents, the price will depend on the number of characters and additional features. Such may be the evidence of the translation or not. For example, the translation of visa documents to Canada must be certified, so the cost will be higher.

But the translation of documents for a visa to the United States is not required at all. All you need to do is fill in the questionnaire in English. But not everyone can cope on their own. This requires not an average knowledge of the language, but more in-depth, in order to properly express an opinion and not lose meaning. Because the questionnaire is considered first.

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List of documents that may be required to obtain a visa Ukraine

To obtain a visa, you need to collect a package of documents. Depending on the type of document being drawn up, the composition of the package depends. Basic documents that may be required when applying for a visa:

  1. Passport
  2. Certificate from the place of work. Which confirms that the person intends to return
  3. Paper confirming the availability of cash
  4. Marriage certificate (if any)
  5. Birth certificate, if you do not have a passport
  6. Certificate of ownership
  7. Parental consent if they remain in Russia

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This is the main list of documents that may be required for a visa. If the trip is planned for a long time, you need to add some more documents. Such as:

  1. Education documents
  2. Certificate from law enforcement agencies that the person was not involved
  3. Employment history
  4. A letter describing the purpose of the trip

English translation is often required, but some countries only require a translation in their own language.

It is important that each translation of the visa must be signed by the person who executed it. If the translation is done by a special agency, no signature is required. If the translation was done by hand, you must write the initials and telephone number of the artist at the bottom.

You can order high-quality and fast translation from our translation agency. We provide guarantees of work performed. To properly collect the entire package of documents, it is better to contact a specialized company. To avoid incorrectly collected and compiled documents and waste of time.