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Перевод документов TopperevodThe development of international relations in all spheres of life (politics, culture, business, technology, tourism) make the document translation service in demand. Knowledge of a foreign language helps in communicating with representatives of other language groups, but it is impossible to know all languages. One has to face the language barrier both when maintaining official documents, which may contain specific terminology, and when translating texts of a narrow focus. In these cases, professional translators come to the rescue.

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Features of translations of diverse texts

Translation agencies provide translation services of various kinds. In the translation center you can order:

  •   written translation of legal documents,
  •   translation of technical materials ,
  •   translation of economic texts .

All these translations are complex, as they contain a large number of specialized terms and other lexical units that are characteristic of a particular profession. The terms used in the original text should be adequately matched in the document in the target language. The translator must be well versed in the specific vocabulary and terminology on the subject of the text submitted for translation.

Topperevod Translation Agency, Kharkiv, engages specialists and experts in the required field to perform written translations. To accurately convey the meaning of the source material, the translation of legal documents is carried out by lawyers, financial papers by economists, technical texts by translators with engineering education. Medical translation is complicated in itself, because it contains highly specialized vocabulary. And if we are talking about medical equipment, then for an adequate translation from the translator, in addition to linguistic skills, extensive knowledge in the field of medicine and technology is required.

Order narrow-profile translations in a translation company in Kharkov

A universal translator is a rarity. Usually the translator works with one or two language pairs and is competent in a particular subject. Therefore, it is better to order the translation of highly specialized documents in a translation agency. Here there are specialists in various fields of knowledge who have specialized education and sufficient work experience.

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Written translation of technical documentation is a responsible business. A small mistake in the translated text can lead to an incorrectly organized process, a violation of technology, and even an accident at work. Finished translations are carefully checked for compliance with the source text, the correct use of industry terms and concepts. Corrective, editorial editing helps to avoid errors and inaccuracies in documents.

In addition to complex terminology and specialized vocabulary, technical texts may contain graphic images, diagrams, diagrams. The agency has specialists who can format and layout translated documents. If necessary, the text can be formatted in bilingual form.

The price of a translation does not change depending on the complexity of the text, the direction and saturation of its specialized technology. It is fixed and depends on the target language and volume.

Wide scope of translations

Competent translation of documents is necessary not only for doing business or solving production problems, but also for registration of travel abroad. The number and list of documents that require translation depends on the purpose of the trip: tourism, moving to a permanent place of residence, work or study. And here you can not do without the service of notarial confirmation of the translation of documents. When leaving for treatment in a foreign clinic, it is advisable to have with you the results of examinations carried out in Ukraine and medical reports translated into the target language.

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Topperevod, which has offices in Kharkov and Kiev, will promptly and competently translate and issue the entire package of necessary documents for submission to the embassy, ​​consulate, government agencies, hospitals, clinics in other countries.

Translation services in Kharkov

Translation agency Topperevod, Kharkov, has been working in the field of translation services for more than 7 years. The professional team consists of qualified linguists, specialists in various fields – engineers, lawyers, doctors, economists, as well as experienced managers, editors, layout designers. All translations are carried out by translators with at least 3 years of experience, and translations of highly specialized texts – more than 5 years. Additional verification of the translated texts, performed by the proofreader and editor, makes it possible to prevent lexical, stylistic, spelling, and punctuation errors in the finished translation.

Branches of translation agencies in Kharkov and Kiev guarantee the high quality of their work. Thanks to the best prices, the translation of documents is available to every client. Companies, organizations and residents of not only Kharkov or Kiev can become customers of the Topperevod translation agency. You can ask for help in making transfers by phone or by e-mail. You can also order translation of documents or find out the price for translation by filling out the form on the website. All prices for the services of a translation agency are indicated in the price list, you can find them on the company’s website.

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Realizing the importance of timely execution of business papers, agencies in Kiev and Kharkov provide services for urgent translation of documents. The quality of the translation does not suffer from the speed of the translation, and the customer can be sure of the accuracy of the translated documents. Urgent execution of an order for translation of documents increases the cost of the service by 1.5 times.

An individual approach to each project, high professionalism and a responsible attitude to work on the part of each employee allow Topperevod Translation Agency to perform high-quality translation of documents with strict adherence to deadlines and other terms of contracts.