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Order a translation

Translation of a presentation is often ordered to provide information about a company’s products or services. If an enterprise has partners abroad, exports goods, or just wants to develop a foreign sales market, it is indispensable to translate the presentation into English or another language understandable to the audience. But presentations are not only marketing, but also educational, scientific and technical …

Перевод презентаций Topperevod в ХарьковеA presentation is a great way to convey your message to the audience with visualization and a clear structure.

The presentation has not only an informational purpose, it should attract attention and encourage action. Therefore, the translation must be adapted into a foreign language in such a way that the translated presentation can produce the same effect as the original.

What does translating a presentation mean?

A presentation is an accompaniment to a report that allows you to visually illustrate its content. Information in the form of text and images can be displayed on large sheets or on slides. A video presentation often contains computer animation accompanied by a soundtrack.

To make it convenient for foreign guests to perceive information, it is necessary to translate the presentation into English or the language of the target audience. Sometimes it becomes necessary to make a multilingual translation of a presentation, which will allow you to establish contact with representatives of different countries. This task is uniquely for a translation agency.

To be sure of the result, you should order a translation of the presentation from a specialized agency. No matter what language you need to get a presentation, translation into German, French, English or translation of a presentation from English into Russian / Ukrainian, qualified translators of the agency will perform it at a high level.

Order a translation

The presentation translation service includes:

  •   translation of the text used in the demonstrations into any languages ​​of the world;
  •   compliance with the author’s style of presenting information;
  •   translation of inscriptions on diagrams, graphs;
  •   adaptation for the perception of foreigners of digital information using their usual spelling format;
  •   competent translation of the abbreviation;
  •   proofreading by a proofreader, editor, if necessary, by a native speaker;
  •   registration of the finished translation in the required format while maintaining the appearance of the presentation.

What are the features of translating a presentation

Сроки выполнения перевода TopperevodThe presentation, in addition to text, contains graphic objects and images that can be made in various formats. Please note that the text may increase in volume during translation. Information from tables, diagrams, drawings should be translated in such a way that the translated text fits into a certain size.

Order a translation

And sometimes you have to turn to the services of layout designers. In addition, it is necessary to preserve the design of the original sample as much as possible and achieve a similar visual effect. Presentation videos also require translation of captions or audio information.

Depending on the nature of the information contained in the presentation materials, the translation of the presentation should be entrusted to a specialist with the appropriate qualifications. In our agency, legal presentations are translated by lawyers, financial materials are translated by economists, and technical texts are translated by translators with engineering education who have the appropriate specialization.

Terms of translation of presentations in Kharkov and cost

The timing of the transfer depends on various factors. If the theme of the presentation is simple and the amount of work is small, you can get a finished translation in 1-2 days. However, in the case of highly specialized topics and the need to involve experts, layout designers, and other specialists, the time of working on the project increases. Urgent translation is most often a team effort. We are ready to translate the presentation into Russian, English and other languages ​​by the required date.

Order a translation

You can find out in advance the prices for translation yourself, using the information from the relevant section of the site. The standard cost of the service includes the translation of all materials and proofreading for errors. If it is necessary to involve a narrow-profile specialist, a native speaker in the work on translating a presentation or to complete it in a short time, the cost will be higher. Notary certification of the translation is paid separately. The prices for translation services with certification by a notary can be found in the price list.

The manager of a translation agency can estimate the total cost of translating a presentation only after reading the materials. You send us materials to be translated by e-mail.

We study the presentation documents and make a miscalculation. The manager calls you back to clarify the nuances of the project and the need for additional services. Based on the data received from you, he calculates the cost of the work. This amount is final and does not change until the end of the project.

But you should be aware that limiting the time of work leads to an increase in the cost of the project.