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Uzbek belongs to the Turkic languages. In addition to the Republic of Uzbekistan, where it is official, it is spoken by residents of neighboring countries. In total, there are about 27 million native speakers of this language.

Not only cultural and domestic ties are developing between Ukraine and Uzbekistan. There are many joint scientific and technical projects under implementation. Accordingly, documentation on them is kept in both languages. Translation into Uzbek is required at all stages of the project – from concluding the contract and drafting the constituent documents to providing financial statements. So in addition to technical translation into Uzbek, other translation areas are in demand.

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Translation into Uzbek in Kharkiv from professionals

You can order the following services from Topperevod:

  • economic translation;
  • legal translation;
  • technical translation;
  • translation of business correspondence;
  • translation of scientific and fiction literature.

All translations into Uzbek / Uzbek are performed by qualified translators with a second profile education. Therefore, each specialized text will find its performer. If you need to translate the technical instructions into Uzbek, an engineer with knowledge and experience in the required field will take over. If you want to order a translation of Uzbek legal documents, do not doubt – it will be performed by an experienced lawyer.

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How to place an order for translation

You can order a translation from Uzbek into Russian in the office or online on the website. After receiving the application, the manager will contact you to clarify the details. After the calculation, he will name the exact cost of the project, taking into account all services (certification, urgency). Professional translation from Uzbek in our office will be performed by the deadline. We are responsible for the quality of our services.