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Translation of instructions is a popular service, since any goods imported into the country must have a document made in the user’s language containing the rules and procedures for operation. Therefore, the manufacturer or supplier of household appliances, technical or medical equipment, drugs, according to the requirements of the law, is obliged to translate the instructions into the target language.

Features of the translation of instructions

Перевод инструкций в Харькове на Topperevod

It is not easy to adapt the instruction to the specifics of the target language, like any technical text containing narrowly specialized terms.

Translation of instructions into Russian / Ukrainian from a foreign language may be required for imported ones:

  •   industrial, commercial, medical equipment;
  •   household appliances, electronics;
  •   pharmaceuticals…

To translate the instructions correctly, you need to have specialized knowledge in the field of technology or medicine and practical experience. After all, the slightest inaccuracy in the presentation of the rules for the operation or assembly of equipment can lead to serious consequences. Errors in the translated descriptions of medicines are also unacceptable.

The translation of technical instructions is also complicated by the presence of drawings, drawings, diagrams, tables in the document. There is not so much text in visual materials, the formatting of the finished document is more important here. At the request of the customer, the translation can be made in the form of a plain text, a table, or have a design that is as close as possible to the original.

The last option involves the joint work of the translator and layout designer.

Order a translation

Professional translation of instructions

If you need to translate the instructions into Russian/Ukrainian or perform a reverse translation, you should contact professionals. Topperevod translation agency employs qualified translators with knowledge and experience in various fields of knowledge (construction, engineering, IT, medicine, pharmaceuticals). They will quickly and efficiently translate instructions from English into Russian or using other language pairs. We work with 70 languages ​​of the world.

Our offices are located in Kharkov and Kiev, but you can use the services from anywhere in Ukraine. To place an order, you must fill out the application form on the site. Our manager will call you back to clarify the requirements for the transfer. You can calculate the preliminary cost yourself by examining the prices in the price list.

For your project, the manager will individually select a translator who is most suitable for its implementation. The high quality of translation of the instructions is achieved by the painstaking work of a professional team, which, in addition to the translator and manager, includes an editor and a proofreader. If necessary, you can additionally involve a native speaker or a consultant on this topic to proofread the finished translation. Do not hesitate, the order will be executed qualitatively and in the shortest possible time.

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