Translation of constituent documents

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Constituent documents are a package of documents that are the basis for the creation and operation of a legal entity. They determine the legal status of the enterprise.

From the direction of the organization and form of ownership there are several types of constituent documents.

When entering the international market to work with foreign partners, translation of statutory documents is required. Some professional activities in Ukraine are subject to licensing, and therefore, partners should be granted a license that allows them to perform work or provide services in the stated direction. The quality of translation of the constituent documents and the license to engage in the chosen activity directly affects the success of the company in foreign markets. Therefore, in order to adapt these papers to English, German or any other language, you should contact a professional translation agency, whose translators have many years of experience and qualifications.

In which cases the translation of the constituent documentation is required

The translation of the constituent papers is necessary for the effective presentation of the activities of your company if you intend to enter the foreign market. If the company is undergoing changes, you should make changes to previously translated documents.

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CПеревод учредительных документов Topperevodonstituent documents translated into English or another language understood by both parties will be needed at meetings with representatives of foreign companies in the case of signing contracts or agreements with foreign companies. The charter and other papers must be presented in agreements of all levels, starting with the usual import-export and ending with the opening of new branches in another state. Adequate translation determines the understanding between the partners, as well as how simple, convenient and profitable the cooperation will be.

Features of translation of statutory documents

Knowledge in the fields of linguistics and jurisprudence is insufficient to properly and qualitatively adapt the statute and other constituent papers to a foreign language. The translator performing the translation of the constituent documents must not only have terminology in this area, but also understand the peculiarities of the enterprise.

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The specificity of translations of constituent documents is the use of correct terms. It is also very important to accurately translate the names, addresses, abbreviations and bank details of the legal entity.

Errors and inaccuracies in the amateur translation of constituent papers are often the cause of difficulties when submitting documents to registration authorities and notaries.

Services of a professional translation agency for the translation of constituent documents

Topperevod has been operating in the field of translation for over 7 years. The staff of the agency has the knowledge and skills necessary to successfully translate your documents. Our specialists will help you quickly and efficiently translate the installation documentation into any language. The translation of the translated text is carried out by a professional proofreader and editor, so we can guarantee the literacy and accuracy of the translation. If necessary, you can order a company or notarized translation of the constituent documents from our translation agency.