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Economic text translation

Economic translation is one of the most difficult types of translation work. Cooperation with international companies, establishing partnerships and trade relations with foreign firms require close communication between the parties. Important components of a joint business are not only oral dialogue, but also the exchange of documents (agreements, contracts, reports, invoices, balance sheets and other business papers).

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For the correct design of the written translation of materials in the economic direction, it is not enough to be able to create a text equivalent to the original one by means of another language. For an adequate translation of economic texts, financial documentation, it is also necessary to know the basics of office work, the document flow of the country of destination. That is why you should order translations of an economic orientation in a professional company, which employs specialists in various fields of knowledge.

Features of economic translation

Like technical translation , economic translation is characterized by the presence of many professional terms. High-quality translation of economic and financial texts is not only an adequate transfer of terms by means of another language. This is painstaking work, which is not inferior in complexity to the preparation of accounting reports. Here it is necessary to observe not only the linguistic features of the translation of economic materials. It is necessary to correctly interpret special terms that can be used in meanings other than everyday use, as well as words of professional vocabulary that do not have direct interlingual correspondences.

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A feature of translations in the field of economics and finance is the large number of abbreviations and abbreviations in the texts used only in this field of activity. Economic literature, articles, reviews usually contain graphs, charts, tables, the information in which is also subject to translation. Data abbreviations in these additional

The opinions must be adequately translated so that after translation they do not lose their meaning and are understandable to the reader.

Difficulties in translating financial documentation may also arise as a result of differences in the tax policies of different countries, maintaining and reporting. The translator needs to take into account these nuances when working with economic texts and correctly execute translations in accordance with the standards for processing documents adopted in a particular country.

Having considered the difficulties of translating texts representing the sphere of economics and finance, we can conclude that it is better to order a translation service for economic documents and other material from professionals.

What documents do we translate?

Topperevod, Kharkiv, employs qualified translators with an economic education. They have deep knowledge and practical experience in the banking and financial sectors. This gives them the opportunity to quickly and efficiently translate economic texts, financial documents, and business correspondence of this kind. In their work, translators use glossaries created for various areas of the economic and financial sphere of activity.

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Socio-economic translation includes work with documents reflecting financial activities, monetary, currency and credit relations, banking, tax policy, etc. We are ready to do:

  •   translation of accounting documentation, financial reports, declarations;
  •   translation of contracts (crediting, loan, mortgage, leasing…);
  •   translation of insurance papers – contracts, policies;
  •   translation of audit reports;
  •   translation of business plans;
  •   translation of marketing research materials (plans, questionnaires, forms, instructions, reports);
  •   translation of advertising texts;
  •   translation of dissertations;
  •   translation of economic literature – articles, reviews, analytical reports, news, etc.

Topperevod can order the translation of documents that require knowledge in several fields of activity. Thus, translations of agreements and contracts can be attributed both to legal translation and to economic translation, because the texts of these documents contain information about the terms of payment, settlements and do not allow inaccuracies in the terminology in the financial part.

High-quality translation of economic texts from Topperevod

The company provides translation services for business documents in any city of Ukraine, works with customers from Kazakhstan. Specialists of translation agencies are capable of economic translation of any complexity and volume. You can order translation of financial documents, business documentation, economic literature. An individual approach to each client allows us to successfully fulfill simple orders on economic topics and solve the problems of translating highly specialized texts.

You can order a translation from Topperevod from Russian and Ukrainian into a foreign language or vice versa. Translators will provide high-quality professional translation of economic topics within 70 languages. The completed translation is subject to mandatory review by the editor. If necessary, a specialist who is a native speaker is involved in the work or for the final proofreading of the text.

The cost of an economic translation service depends on the volume of the translated text. If you order an urgent translation of an economic text, its price will be higher than usual. However, regardless of the urgency of the order, the translation will be competent and of high quality. Realizing the importance of the information contained in financial and banking documents, we guarantee complete confidentiality.

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