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Slovak is a part of West Slavic languages. It is the official language in Slovakia and Serbia. The letter uses the entire Latin alphabet and diacritical marks. The total number is 46 graphs. The language is based on the Czech alphabet.

Translations from Slovak into other languages of the world

A professional approach is always required when processing documents from Slovakia or Slovakia. Our company provides translation services from Slovak to Russian and back. Technical and legal documents can be translated into Slovak in our translation agency. Specialists have many years of experience and have all the skills to process official papers in Slovak.

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The complexity of the work is that Slovak, although similar to other Slavic languages, has many features. Here are just the main ones:

  • Fewer times and cases (3 and 5 respectively).
  • Lack of articles.
  • The births of nouns do not always coincide (For example, all words ending in “-um” (“museum”, “centrum”) – have the middle gender, and the word “beach” – zh.r.
  • There are more types of differences than in Ukrainian and Russian.
  • The particle “sa” (analogous to “tis”) is written separately from the word and transferred to the beginning of the sentence: “Som sa dnes ráno myval” (“I washed this morning”).
  • There is a word order in the sentences, although not as strict as in English.

Of course, you can try to translate the text yourself, if the person knows the language. But a simple knowledge of the language may not be enough to translate documents from Slovak – the translation must be done in accordance with all standards. Only then can the translated copy be notarized and become legally binding.

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The price of a translation from Slovak into Russian will depend on several factors. This includes the urgency of the work, its scope, complexity of the text, the need for notarization of the copy and other conditions.

Most often, clients apply for the translation of such documents into Slovak:

  • certificate of marriage, divorce, birth;
  • documents confirming guardianship;
  • diplomas with appendices;
  • certificate of no criminal record and others.

Our company provides the most favorable terms of translation into Slovak and back. The Slovak translation agency will help to translate any document – contract, passport, driver’s license, etc. This is required in many cases:

  • When entering a Slovak university;
  • Registration of GNP;
  • Formal employment;
  • Concluding agreements with partners from Slovakia, etc.

We guarantee a high level of knowledge of the language and performance of our work. There will be no inaccuracies or errors in the text. You will receive the result of translation into any language in a short time. after all, most often translations are needed urgently.

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Another advantage is the optimal price. Pricing policy depends entirely on the number of characters of the translated text.

Coordinated work is achieved through the correct selection of employees who are responsible for their work. They are all native speakers of foreign languages.

To order the service, you need to contact us, or place an application for the service “translation from Russian to Slovak”, or choose any other language you want.