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A certificate from the place of study and its translation into English or the state language of the host country is necessary for children and adult citizens for whom education is the main activity for this period. For example, a working person who studies by correspondence or attends advanced training courses does not need such a document, and a student of a university or full-time college may require such a certificate.

The need to translate a certificate from the place of study

Obtaining a visa for a minor, processing documents for continuing education in another country, employment of a student abroad for a vacation period – to perform these actions, a translation of a certificate from the place of study is required. Like any document, a certificate from the place of study in English, German or another language must be correctly drawn up and executed without violating the law. Not only the decision on admission to study at a foreign educational institution depends on this, but also the possibility of obtaining an entry visa.

To confirm studying in foreign educational institutions, you will also need a translation of a certificate from the place of study abroad to continue your studies at a Ukrainian school or receive secondary and higher professional education in Ukraine.

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In what cases it may be necessary to translate a certificate from the place of study

Перевод справки с места учебы TopperevodIn different countries, a translation of a certificate from the place of study for university students and students of general education institutions may be needed for:

  • obtaining a visa for a child – entry, student;
  • change of citizenship, obtaining a residence permit, employment of parents;
  • participation of children in competitive, scholarship programs;
  • studying at language courses abroad;
  • legalization of diplomas and certificates (archival extract from the dean’s office).
  • Important components of a quality translation of references

Certificates are often issued on the letterhead of the educational institution and must be certified by a seal. Therefore, not only the text of the certificate confirming the fact of training, but also all the specified details, the text on seals and stamps are subject to translation. At the same time, it is important to preserve the shape and appearance of the original. The translated document should be maximally adapted to the standards adopted in the country for which this paper is intended. An indispensable condition for a quality translation is the correct spelling of personal data in a foreign language – last name, first name, patronymic, otherwise the paper will not be a document. It is also important to take into account the peculiarities of paperwork in different countries. Therefore, the translation of the certificate should be carried out by a qualified specialist with experience in this area.

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Notarized certificate

To give the certificate legal force in the host country, it must be certified. Depending on the requirements of the receiving party, this can be company or notarization. You can order a certification from a translation agency when you apply for a translation. When discussing the features of the order with the manager, be sure to specify what type of assurance you need. Then you will receive a translation of a certificate from the place of study of the student (student), completely ready for submission to foreign authorities.

How to translate a certificate from the place of study into English and other languages

The easiest way to get a high-quality and well-formed translation of a certificate from the place of study for use in another country is to contact a professional translation agency. Topperevod translation agency will help you translate and certify a certificate from an educational institution. Our translators will translate any documents confirming the fact of studying, or academic certificates indicating the disciplines studied and final grades.

We translate from and into 70 languages ​​of the world, so we can easily translate a certificate from the place of study into German, English, Polish, Czech, and other languages ​​you need. All our work is proofread, so we can guarantee a really high-quality result.

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To apply for a transfer, it is not necessary to be present in person, you can send it electronically. Through the online form on the site, you can also get advice from a specialist on issues of interest. In a conversation with the manager, you can clarify important data, specify the conditions and terms for the translation. We guarantee non-disclosure of your personal data and compliance with all terms of the contract.

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