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Kyrgyz is one of the Turkic languages spoken by about 5 million people living mainly in the Kyrgyz Republic. The Kyrgyz language has a number of features. For example, there is no gender category for nouns, and the plural is formed by adding suffixes. Therefore, translating into Kyrgyz (from Kyrgyz) is not easy.

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Translations from Kyrgyz to a number of other languages

The translators of the Topperevod translation agency will professionally translate from Kyrgyz into Russian / Ukrainian and other world languages documents and materials of various orientations:

  • financial ;
  • legal ;
  • technical ;
  • medical;
  • scientific ;
  • literary .

The translated text must be read and edited. Therefore, by contacting our translation agency from Kyrgyz to Russian, you can count on the high quality of the translated text.

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Translations into Kyrgyz from other languages

The translators of our agency will help you to translate the text competently from Russian into Kyrgyz (as well as from other languages). We accept orders for translation of Russian – Kyrgyz (and vice versa) texts of any volume and subject. The cost of translation depends on the amount of material, as well as on the features of the document, because standard documents are easier to translate than profile text.

You can order from us a translation from Russian into Kyrgyz (from Ukrainian into Kyrgyz) of civil passports, birth certificates, education certificates, certificates from official bodies, contracts and other documents of general and commercial nature.

If the translation is needed urgently, we will do it in a short time. If necessary, we will help with notarization and legalization of translated documents.