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Graduation is an important stage in the life of every student. Thesis summarizes the study and demonstrates the special knowledge and skills acquired by students. Many Ukrainian students and university graduates go abroad to continue their education or get a good job. There are sometimes few translations of diplomas and inserts to confirm higher education in Ukraine.

Many foreign universities, research centers, research laboratories want to get acquainted with his work before hiring or employing a graduate of our university. To this end, they are asked to submit a thesis with an English or destination translation. From this work the professional qualities of the applicant are estimated. Proper translation of the thesis or project will allow a representative of the educational institution or employer to assess the creative potential and scientific ideas of the author.

Features of translation of diploma theses

Перевод дипломных работ в Харькове TopperevodThe process of translating dissertations is not an easy task.

The translator must have both linguistic knowledge and deep knowledge in the subject of scientific work. Only in this case he will be able to get to the heart of the issues considered in the thesis, correctly use the terms, correctly adapt the text of the thesis to a foreign language.

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Thesis consists of an introduction, theoretical, practical parts, conclusions and bibliography. It has a fairly large volume – hundreds of pages, so its translation takes a long time. The text of the practical part of the thesis may contain formulas, graphs, charts, drawings, pictures, and other graphic elements. All inscriptions and explanations must also be translated. In addition to the translation of the thesis, sometimes it is necessary to translate the feedback, annotations, reviews.

But that’s not all – it is important to translate the translated text properly.

Who to entrust the translation of the thesis

Of course, you can translate the text of the thesis yourself. However, if you do not have 100% confidence in your own knowledge of a foreign language and the quality of the translation, it is better to order a translation of the thesis in a specialized agency. The translation agency has the opportunity to find a specialist who has the necessary knowledge not only in the target language, but also in the subject. If you turn to a translation agency, you can be sure that the thesis on medical topics will be translated by a doctor, in law – a lawyer, in the field of finance – an economist. Professional translators who have a second education in this area will translate the thesis as accurately, competently and format the text in accordance with accepted norms. In addition, by contacting a translation agency, you can be sure that regardless of the complexity of the text and the language of the translation, there will always be a specialist who can handle the translation.

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The translated text of the thesis is additionally taken into account by the editor, proofreader, which helps to avoid inaccuracies and errors. If necessary, the translation can be certified in any chosen way.

Advantages of ordering the translation of theses in the company Topperevod

заказать перевода дипломных работ в компании TopperevodWhile in Kharkiv, Kyiv, or any other locality, you can order a translation of your dissertation from the Topperevod translation agency without leaving home. To place an order, you can send the thesis file by e-mail or attach it to the application using the application form on the website. In the text of the order it is necessary to specify the target language of translation, the provided terms, to describe additional requirements.

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Our agency works with 70 world languages. We can offer translation of the thesis into English, German, Russian, Polish, Czech and many other languages. Among our translators are specialists in many fields of knowledge – lawyers, financiers, doctors, teachers, engineers of various technical profiles (energy, electricity, electronics, architects, metallurgists, machine builders…). We can hire a consultant competent in this field.

The multi-stage examination system guarantees high quality translation of the thesis and full compliance with the original. The translated thesis is checked not only by the translator himself, but also by the proofreader, whose task is to eliminate all errors, typographical errors, and by the editor, who corrects stylistic and lexical inaccuracies.

Prices for translation of theses

The cost of translation of the thesis depends on the volume of the text and the language pair. The formation of the price is influenced by the urgency of the order, the presence of additional customer requirements (involvement of a specialized specialist, native speaker verification, certification, layout). If you order a translation not in the office, but through the site, be sure to specify in the application all the additional conditions so that the manager can most accurately calculate the price of the service and guide you in terms.

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You can also consult on the translation of the thesis by phone, but in this case the manager will be able to name only the approximate cost of the project. We can name the final amount only after getting acquainted with the text of the thesis and clarifying all the nuances.

By contacting our company to translate your thesis into English or any other language, you will receive professional help from professionals who adapt the text of your thesis to the desired language. A competent, high-quality translation of a thesis or project provided to a foreign party will help to assess the level of your knowledge and potential.

We will be happy to be involved in the successful start of your career and promote professional growth.