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Georgian is the official language of Georgia and South Ossetia. They are freely owned by about four million people living not only in Georgia, but also in Russia, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Iran and the United States.

Georgia is a partner country of our country in many areas. And this cooperation is impossible without the turnover of securities, both financial and legal. Much depends on the correctness of the documents and their proper translation from and into Georgian.

Therefore, such responsible translations should be trusted only to professionals with many years of experience in the translation market.

Topperevod Translation Agency has been providing quality translation services for over 7 years. Our staff employs certified specialists who have knowledge in a variety of fields, able to perform professional translation into Georgian.

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Features of translation from Georgian or Georgian in Kharkov

One of the features of translation into Georgian or back is the proportionality of the text, which is not always possible to follow. And this is an important criterion, for example, if the text is a design element and has a clearly limited space for it.

It is sometimes necessary to use several Russian words to translate one Georgian word, so it is often difficult to preserve the original brevity of the original when translating from Georgian.

The Georgian language has no division into masculine and feminine, in other words, verbs, nouns and pronouns do not in themselves carry information about the field of the person in question. These circumstances must be clarified separately in additional words, which leads to an increase in the volume of the text.

Georgian has no capital letters, and even very limited ability to build diminutive-loving forms.

Despite the fact that Georgians know and understand Russian, in official matters they prefer to use only their native language.

Therefore, you can’t do without competent written translations of documents or oral translations of meetings and negotiations. And given all the complexities of this language, do not let everything drift and should turn to qualified professionals.

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Unbelievable price on Professional translation into Georgian in Kharkov

Topperevod’s translation agency employs certified linguists with extensive translation experience. Each of our employees has additional education in one or another field of activity.

We provide a triple quality guarantee. After all, all the texts and documents that we translate are triple checked – proofreading by a translator, editor and proofreader.

The employees of our company guarantee the complete confidentiality of your order.

We carry out translations of any complexity quickly and efficiently. If necessary, an urgent translation service from Georgian or Georgian is provided.

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We perform professional translations from Georgian into Russian, Ukrainian or other languages in the following areas:

  • standard documents: passports, diplomas, certificates, certificates, etc .;
  • general texts;
  • legal papers;
  • technical documentation;
  • financial documents and accounting;
  • works of art.

Contact our manager for more accurate information. He will help you place an order, guide you on the price and deadlines. You can apply for a translation on our website using the online application form. After studying the submitted material, we will call you to clarify the details of the project. We approach each order individually. Don’t worry, your translation will be done by a specialist who is most competent in the given subject.