Translation of the death certificate

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The death certificate is an official document issued by the registry office. The document indicates the personal data of the deceased, date and place of death. When translating a death certificate into another language, it is important to accurately convey the information provided in the original: full name, names, abbreviations, inscriptions on seals and stamps. The series and number of the document should be transferred as carefully as possible, do not forget to translate the information which can be on a turn.

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What is the need for a translation of a death certificate?

Перевод свидетельства о смерти TopperevodThe need to translate a document arises if it is to be used outside the country where the certificate was issued. Among the most common reasons:

  • Burial near another state. The first option is that the person died abroad, and the body must be delivered to Ukraine. The second is that they want to transport the body of the deceased citizen to another country, for example, to their historical homeland and bury it there.
  • Solving hereditary issues. Registration of heritage outside Ukraine. Entry into inheritance rights near our country, if the testator died abroad. For example, the heirs will have to make a notarized translation of the death certificate from Russian into Ukrainian if the deceased lived in Russia but had real estate in Ukraine.
  • Receiving in another country cash benefits, allowances, compensation due to the deceased.
  • Crossing the border is a minor if one of the parents has died. His death certificate and a notarized translation of the document are required.
  • Marriage between a foreigner and our citizen who is a widower. In order to submit an application and draw up documents, the death certificate of the previous husband must be translated into the state language of the country where the marriage takes place.

Advantages of translating a death certificate at a translation agency

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The translation agency provides comprehensive translation services. In addition to the actual translation, you can order notarization of documents, certification of branded printing, apostille. Topperevod staff will help translate the death certificate from Russian into Ukrainian and other languages, as well as from Ukrainian into 70 languages. The legality of the death certificate there will provide a notarized translation.