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Tajik is the state language of the Republic of Tajikistan. It is considered native to 80% of the country’s population and a large number of ethnic groups in Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Afghanistan, Iran and Russia. Spoken form is very different from literary language. When performing professional translation into Tajik (oral or written), the translator has to take into account these features.

Nuances of written translation into / from Tajik language in Kharkiv

There are no categories of case and gender in Tajik. Prepositions, postpositions, and other grammatical constructions inherent in the Turkic languages are used in the formation of word combinations. There are still many such nuances, so the translation from Tajik (or Tajik) should be addressed to professionals.

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If you need a Tajik translation, it is better to order the service from a translation agency. Translation agencies provide translation services for various fields – business papers, personal documents, technical materials, financial documents… Regardless of the time frame, experienced linguists perform high-quality Tajik translation. The cost of urgent translation is 50% more expensive than usual, and this should be taken into account when ordering the service.

Tajik Translation Agency in Kharkiv

Topperevod Agency provides Tajik translation services in Kharkiv. We have translators who have not only linguistic knowledge, but also qualifications in other professional fields. You can order a translation in Tajik in the office or on the website. Prices for translation into Tajik or Tajik are listed in the price list. The total cost is calculated based on the volume, subject of the text and additional services.

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Depending on the subject of the material, the most competent translator is chosen. Thus, technical translation into Tajik will be entrusted to a qualified engineer, and legal translation – to a lawyer. If you have to work with narrow-profile documentation, we can invite an expert to translate or read the finished version. At your request, we will make a notarized translation in Tajik or certify the translated document with the company’s seal.