Translation of the USREOU statement

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It is worth starting with the fact that the extract from the USREOU is a special document that contains information from the Unified State Register of legal or natural persons-entrepreneurs.

That is, such an extract from the register replaces the Certificate of State Registration and is not valid.

The USREOU translation code and its notarization may be required during various legal transactions.

For example, it may be required by public authorities when submitting papers for participation in tenders, for signing and certifying contracts, etc.

Our translation agency will be happy to perform a quality translation and notarization for you at the best cost and in the shortest possible time.

Translation of an extract from the Unified State Register

The following data will be required for this translation procedure:

  • Full name;
  • Identification code in the register;
  • Actual location of the enterprise;
  • Authorized persons to perform significant legal actions.

You will first need to provide scanned copies of documents or high-quality photos to our translation agency so that we can evaluate all the features of the translation and notarization. And you can find out in advance what the price of the order.

After that, a number of actions are performed:

  • the USREOU calculates the cost of translation;
  • deadlines are clearly defined;
  • additional conditions that may arise for the client or our translators are agreed upon.

Once the translation of the statement has been completed, you will need to submit it for approval so that you can review the document and make adjustments to the end result.

Then the translations are certified and you get the job done.

The price of the extract from the register and its further certification belongs to the category of standard documents, so the cost of translation will be without any additional surcharges. Therefore, a client who has applied to our translation agency for this service will not have to pay extra for any additional indicators.

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USREOU extract certification service

It is noteworthy that the certificates can be of several types:

  • Notarization – legalization of the translation of the statement by a notary on the last page of the translation, which is bound in a copy of the main document.

Thus, you have the opportunity to obtain a notarized translation of an extract from the state register for a good price and minimum time.

  • Certificate with the seal of the bureau – a certified translation of the statement is bound to a copy, after which the translator and the head of the company certify it with signatures.

Thanks to the fact that our professional translators know all the intricacies and take into account the mandatory requirements of the other party, you are guaranteed to receive a quality translation and its certification in the shortest possible time.

Employees of the bureau translate and certify documents of any complexity and always provide a good price.

Cost and deadlines

The cost of ordering the translation of an extract from the register into English is calculated based on the actual number of characters in the document.

To find out the approximate cost of translating the statement and the timing of the work, you can send us scanned copies of the original documents with all the conditions and requirements that will need to be met during the translation.

Moreover, after translating the statement, we will send you a letter with the result in advance so that you can make personal corrections and comments if necessary.

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Order a translation of the USREOU statement

You will not have to worry about contacting our translation agency, as the staff clearly knows how to translate the USREOU into English.

In addition, specialists:

  • will acquaint you with the existing nuances of the procedure of translation of the statement and estimate the cost of the order;
  • prepare all necessary translations;
  • perform notarization of the translation of your USREOU extract code.
  • correctly draw up a package of documents for translation;
  • will track the whole process for you;
  • are responsible for the return of your original documents (extracts) and their correct execution.

By contacting our professional translation agency, you can be absolutely sure that the translation of the extract from the USREOU will be carried out in accordance with all requirements and regulations.