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It is worth starting with the fact that NARIC is one of the world’s most famous national agencies.

Its key purpose is to assess qualifications, Ukrainian diplomas and documents from other countries.

NARIC staff also determine the level of compliance of your UK education documents.

It is often necessary to have an expert opinion from NARIC UK when you want to apply for a visa or successfully get a job abroad.

As a result, after applying to the agency, the applicant will be provided with a special official document stating the qualifications corresponding to the level of education in the United Kingdom.

To determine the qualification, the agency staff uses a special evaluation system.

You, in turn, are required to provide a translation of all papers and programs for assessment in English, as this is a mandatory requirement.

Our translation agency will be happy to translate the necessary papers at an affordable price.

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Translation of the diploma for the National Academic Recognition Information Center

The organization classifies Ukrainian diplomas according to the following system:

  • bachelor – four years of university education;
  • specialist – five years of university education;
  • Master’s degree – six years of university education.

It is noteworthy that the translation of the passport for the diploma and its further certification should be carried out exclusively by professional and certified translators.

That is why our diploma translation office will perform professional translation with the highest quality and in the shortest possible time. In addition, the cost of the procedure will pleasantly surprise you.

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Certified translation of diploma and program for NARIC

NARIC is part of the Bologna Process for the Unification of Education, which operates with the support of the European Commission.

It is important to note that translation activities are not licensed in Ukraine.

Thus, to confirm the qualifications of a specialist, you can use a diploma of higher education, which has passed notarization.

Thanks to the notary, it will be possible to confirm the identity and qualifications of the employee, as well as to certify and sign documents.

As NARIC requires a certified translation, you can simply certify the final document with the seal of our office.

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Please note that appendices and diplomas are standard documents, but the cost of translation is calculated individually and the amounts may differ.

To be able to pre-evaluate your order, we recommend sending scanned copies of documents to the specified email address.

In the reply letter you will receive information about the approximate cost of translation and deadlines.

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Our advantages

We present ourselves as those who translate Ukrainian diplomas into English for USA.

After contacting our translation agency, you will not have to worry about anything, because the staff:

  • will acquaint you with the existing nuances of the procedure;
  • prepare all necessary translations;
  • perform notarization of your documents and, in particular, translation of educational documents;
  • will legalize the diploma, ie you will be able to receive the “Apostille” of the British diploma in Kiev;
  • correctly draw up a certificate and a complete package of documents;
  • will track the whole process for you;
  • are responsible for the return of your original documents and their correct execution.

By contacting our professional translation agency, you can be absolutely sure that the translation of the diploma passport and applications for Naris UK will be carried out in accordance with all requirements and regulations.