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A business plan is a business card of a commercial project. The purpose of this document is to demonstrate the capabilities of a developing company. To attract foreign partners, creditors, investors, to search for foreign markets, a translation of a business plan is required.

The translated document must fully reflect the meaning of the investment project or entrepreneurial idea. But at the same time, it cannot be less presentable than the original. Competent and accurate translation improves the prospects for signing a lucrative project contract.

Why translation of an investment project should be trusted to professionals

The business plan contains general information about the company, development program, future prospects, goals and ways to achieve them. Such a large amount of diverse information creates problems when working on a translation. The translator needs to have a broad outlook, to have knowledge in the areas of law, finance, marketing, and enterprise management. And if the business project is related to production or scientific development, the specialist must be competent in this area. It is difficult for one person to combine all this knowledge. But there is a way out – for the translation of a business plan into English (or any other), please contact a professional translation agency. The agency has specialists with knowledge and practical experience in various fields of activity. The adaptation of a business plan in a translation agency can be carried out by a team of translators, each of whom will be responsible for their own direction:

  •   a lawyer will translate legal aspects;
  •   the economist will translate the financial part;
  •   a technical specialist will translate specific
  •   characteristics of the company’s activities, descriptions of services,
  •   product and technology for its manufacture.

Order a translation

For the uniformity of the use of professional vocabulary, a glossary is created for each project. The translation is carried out taking into account the presentational features of the original. Multi-level quality control allows you to notice and correct inaccuracies in the presentation in time, check compliance with the style and format. If necessary, the agency will notarize the translation or stamp the bureau.

Where to order a business plan translation

For a high-quality translation of a business plan into English or other languages ​​in Kharkov and Kiev, please contact the Topperevod translation agency. Clients from other settlements of Ukraine can apply through the application form on the website. Our manager will calculate the preliminary cost of the project and call you back to clarify the details. The price depends on the language pair, volume and urgency of the order. We work with 70 languages ​​of the world, so we can help you with translation into a foreign language or from a foreign language into Ukrainian and Russian. The high qualification of our translators allows us to provide high-quality results for any complex projects.

Our professional work will ensure the success of the presentation of your business plan to foreign partners and help attract investment.


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