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Order a translation

Going abroad, regardless of the purpose, is preceded by paperwork primarily for a visa – for a legal stay in the country, and secondly for solving urgent problems. Preparations for the trip should begin with clarifying the list of required documents for a visa at the embassy. The translation of all the papers required to obtain a visa should be ordered from the translation agency, because not only will the translated documents be translated and executed correctly, but also the translated documents will be certified.

Transfer to a visa to Kharkiv

The embassy is most often asked for permission to enter the country. Each embassy (consulate) has its own requirements for visa documents, so before ordering a translation of documents for the embassy / consulate, you must obtain reliable information about the list and form of documents (original, certified copy, notarized translation…), and also about the language of translation. Embassies of some countries accept visa documents translated into the state language, while others require English translation. Certification of translations can also be different – in one case a company certificate with the seal of the translation agency is enough, in another you need a notary certificate, and some documents for a visa may require an apostille.

Order translation

If you need to order a translation of documents for a visa, you must clearly indicate in the translation agency the requirements of the embassy in the languages of translation (sometimes it is necessary to translate in 2 languages) and the type of certificate. This affects not only the correctness of the visa application, but also the cost of translation services. You should also clarify your preferences for writing personal data in a foreign language, wishes about the timing of the order.

Before certification, the translated text must be provided to the customer for verification and approval, and only then the document is notarized. The cost of notarization can be found out from the manager.

What documents are transferred for the embassy and visa

The main documents that require translation to obtain a visa are:

  • Identifying the owner. The internal passport can be translated completely or its separate pages. Minors need a translation of a birth certificate certified by a notary, as well as permission from parents to leave.
  • Confirming the availability of sufficient funds to live in the country of destination. Confirmation will require a translation of a certificate of income, a certificate from the bank on the availability of funds on the card / current account or the latest tax return (for FOP). Employees can be provided with a translation of the certificate from the place of work indicating the salary.
  • Applicants must have a translation of the certificate (diploma). Students – translation of a certificate from the school.

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This list may be supplemented depending on the country and circumstances. For example, to visit England or the United States, you will need to translate a certificate of ownership of real estate. And to open a medical visa may require translations of medical reports, medical records, correspondence with doctors.

Translation and certification by the Topperevod translation agency

Contacting our agency will save you the trouble of finding a translator in the right language. Our specialists will translate documents for embassies into English, German, Polish, French, Spanish and many other languages (about 70) that we work with.

Order translation

Our employees are responsible for all projects. To ensure that the work is carried out at a high level, the manager always clarifies with the customer all the necessary data for translation. Qualified translators are ready to translate any text in the shortest possible time, whether it is a translation of a certificate of no criminal record on one page or a translation of constituent documents of sufficient volume.

Prices for translation of documents for embassies and visas

The cost of translation for the embassy of standard documents is fixed, it can be found on the website. Working with non-standard documents can take longer, so check the cost of such a translation with the manager. Also, when ordering an urgent translation, it should be understood that its cost will be 50% higher than a regular translation. We love our customers, so we do our job well and do not overestimate the cost of our services, we provide discounts to regular customers.