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It is worth starting with the fact that the employment record book helps you to confirm your work experience officially.

If you plan to work in another country, you will definitely need proof of your qualifications in the international market.

The employment record book is a kind of communication tool between the employee and the employer.

It contains various information about the owner related to his professional activities.

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Translation and printing of workbooks Kyiv is absolutely no problem for our translation agency. Therefore, you can feel free to contact us to perform this procedure.

To translate and print a workbook, you need to have some information:

  • material for translation in any format convenient for the client;
  • the language in which the employee will need to translate;
  • whether it will be necessary to affix the seal of the translation agency;
  • regarding the desired terms of work.

Who needs a translation of the workbook

Frankly, the translation of such documents is mandatory in many cases:

  • for successful employment abroad;
  • when you submit documents to the consulate or embassy in order to obtain a work or business visa in the future;
  • after the final departure abroad for permanent residence;
  • if we talk about the territory of Ukraine, then in order to participate in tenders for various tasks or services.

In this case, the information can be submitted simultaneously in several languages.

Therefore, the staff of our translation agency will be happy to professionally translate your workbook for a visa for further printing.

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Ready translation of the workbook with the seal (features of translation, certification)

Most documents of this type are filled in by hand, so sometimes a person’s handwriting is quite difficult to understand.

In some cases, the ink may be faded or blurry, so the translator will need to make more effort to translate the workbook from Ukrainian into Russian.

The clients of our translation agency are really lucky, because we always certify the finished translation of the workbook for the embassy with the seal of the bureau or notarize it for a good price, so we need a clear scanned copy of the documents.

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Moreover, the original meaning of the translation is completely preserved.

That is, thanks to the translator it is possible to transfer all the information contained in the original on:

  • abbreviations and acronyms;
  • series and numbers;
  • signatures of officials;
  • dates of admission and release;
  • stamps and seals.

The cost of translation

It is noteworthy that the cost of translation of such documents, printing and their notarization is mostly calculated as for standard documents.

The price can vary and be calculated based on the actual number of characters in the document.

Employees of the bureau translate and notarize documents of any complexity and provide favorable prices.

If you want to know how much the translation of the Kyiv employment record book costs, you can send us a letter with scanned copies of the original documents in advance. Then we will be able to estimate the approximate cost of the order and inform you about it.

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Order a translation of the workbook on Topperevod

When you place an order with a translation agency, you don’t have to worry about anything, because the staff:

  • will acquaint you with the existing nuances of the procedure;
  • prepare all necessary translations;
  • guarantee the performance of notarization of documents;
  • correctly draw up a package of documents for the translation of the workbook in English or other languages;
  • will prepare all translations in the workbook for you;
  • are responsible for the return of your original documents and their correct execution.

By contacting our professional translation agency, you can be absolutely sure that the translation workbook will be made in accordance with all requirements and standards at an affordable price.

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